Self Discovery Life Coaching:

We are not Human Beings living a Spiritual Experience,
We are Spiritual Beings living the Human Experience 

Since founding Holistic Essentials Therapy and Consulting in 2014, I have helped hundreds of people like you to connect to your inner wisdom, to be supported by the universe’s beautiful energy and to know that ‘You’ve got this.’ 

I am excited to meet your excitement so together we can begin a self discover journey to transform your life to one where you totally and sustainably thrive.

I am a lover of learning and always adding to the ways I can support you by mastering a range of different modalities and supportive experiences.

When we work together I will use my ingeniousness to ensure the journey for you is personalised and selected for exactly what you desire to be, do, have and become.

Some of the frameworks, systems and therapies I use include the Thrive Factor Framework® Profiling and Coaching, Meditation, Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Theta Healing, Reiki and intuitive consultation.

You will gain clarity on your life’s purpose, rediscover who you are, align mind, body, spirit and re-awaken the joy and passion in your life. 

You nourish your spiritual self so that your human experience is a truly rewarding one.

Sensitive soul, you can breathe out. It is time to be taken care of…

Hi, I’m Kerryn and I am delighted you found me here. As a Self Discovery life coach, I guide and support my clients, curious, sensitive souls like you, to bring clarity, mindfulness and overall well being into their lives.

You will reconnect with your innate potential to discover your life’s meaning and purpose. And you will learn how to honour your truth, being completely you, without the negative impacts of the demanding world.

It is a very real and expected response to feel overwhelmed, to become disconnected from yourself and drown out or start doubting your self. Look at it as unintentionally releasing your power, limiting who you are, resisting your inner flame.
I am delighted you are here and look forward to working with you in your chosen self discovery experience. Self discovery begins with self awareness and results in the kind of transformation you’ll be grateful for every day of your life.
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Ladies, this 4 month program is just for you. Under Kerryn’s expert, compassionate and magical guidance you’ll journey to rediscover the best of you. An ideal experience for any woman who has ever wondered if she is truly enough.

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Thrive Factor Coaching – the Ultimate Self Discovery Experience

The Thrive Factor Framework® is the most  personally powerful self discovery tool I have ever used. Designed purely for women, this is the cornerstone of the transformational work we do together.

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A regular meditation practice can provide you with the following benefits

  • Reduces stress. 
  • Alleviates anxiety.
  • Supports emotional health
  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Improves attention span
  • Promotes compassion & kindness for self and others
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Reiki helps to promote harmony and balance on the levels of mind, emotion, physical and spiritual health. 

It is an effective, non invasive energy healing modality that enhances the body’s natural healing ability whilst energising and promoting overall wellness.

Theta healing supports you in: 

  • Accessing your creative potential.
  • Alleviating fears and phobias.
  • Frees you from addictions and habits.
  • Improves your spiritual connection.
  • Aids you in attaining personal freedom.
  • Helps you to be healthier and feel well.
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During this session, I’ll tune into the magic of your Soul’s infinite intelligence. 

This is the place where the wisdom and guidance of an expanded and highly evolved version of you exists. 

We all have this aspect of self, but often we are unsure how to access it.

When you align to your Soul’s innate wisdom you gain access to the gifts that you brought forth into this life, even if you have not yet tapped into them. 

In bringing them to light you activate within you a deep remembering. 

A remembering of who you are, what you desire to do in this one fabulous, magical life, and the confidence it can all be your reality.

During the session I will also tune into your future self, providing you with valuable and practical guidance you can take on board.

With this additional motivating information, you will be inspired to take aligned action as you support yourself in creating the life you truly desire.

I love that your Soul knows where and what in your life needs your attention.

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