Life coaching: We are not Human Beings living a Spiritual Experience,
We are Spiritual Beings living the Human Experience 

Life Coaching: Kerryn Slater

Hi, my name is Kerryn

I am a life coach, who works to bring clarity, mindfulness and overall wellbeing into my client’s lives.
I assist you in reconnecting with your own inner being to discover your life’s meaning and purpose.

The world we live in today is a 24/7 continuously busy place, that demands attention and floods us with stimuli. 

It is a natural response to feel overwhelmed, become disconnected from ourselves and drown out or start doubting our own most powerful self. 

The work that I do through Holistic Essentials Therapy and Consulting, helps you to connect again to your own inner wisdom, be supported by the universe’s beautiful energy and lets you know that ‘You’ve got this.’ 

Let me take you on a self-discovering journey to transform your life using the following therapies:

 Life coaching 
 Release negative emotions & rewrite limiting beliefs 
 Soul Connection 

I can help you, using a range of tools, to gain more clarity on your life’s purpose, rediscover who you are, align mind, body, spirit and re-awaken the joy and passion in your life. 

I will help you nourish your spiritual self so that your human experience is a truly rewarding one.
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Ladies, this 4 month program is just for you. Under Kerryn’s expert, compassionate and magical guidance you’ll journey to rediscover the best of you. An ideal experience for any woman who has ever wondered if she is truly enough.

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Connect with your own inner power and learn to be completely present. Decrease stress and worry and bring calm, understanding, acceptance and clarity of purpose.

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Achieve happiness, clarity and direction in your life by revealing limiting beliefs and blocks. Gain insight into what you really want in life and understand yourself at the deepest level possible.

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Shift addictions and negative cycles by harnessing the power of the mental mind. Free yourself from the binds that hold you back.

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Gain direction and support in your life, accessing higher wisdom. You will have clarity and perspective to help your self-awareness and healing.

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Access age-old forgotten knowledge and be guided to your highest truth. You will be able to let go of energy that doesn’t serve you and move past blocks that have prevented your progress.

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Use the healing vibrations of music. Trigger responses in your body that help you alter emotions and release hormones and chemicals. Change your mind and body with the power of music.

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