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Discovering the power of your self worth

Your self worth is not defined by the amount of money you have in the bank. It is not defined by the value of your home. Your self worth is not defined by the number of clients you have. It is not defined by your popularity. Your self worth is not defined by your relationships. It is not defined by the success of your relationships. Your self worth is not

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You can change your life

For the longest time my words, thinking and vocabulary sounded like this: I can’t do thisI’m not good enoughI don’t want to be hereNo one gets meNo one understands meI’m not lovableYou’re such an idiotI’m not smart enoughI don’t know enoughNo one sees meNo one hears meI don’t matterI disliked my bodyIt’s not fairMoney is the root of all evilNo one values meI’m a shit mum I physically could not

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Own It

Ok, I’m a little frustrated.  I don’t know how many times of late that I have heard strong, empowered and aligned women say it’s not “woo woo” or I don’t want to get too “woo woo”.  We all need to stop saying woo woo as a way to justify the intuitive understanding and connection with life that is our natural state of being.  I don’t think that the American Indians

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Holding Bay

The last few months for me have been a strange journey. Last year I focused a lot of time and energy on learning as a way to cope with the emotions of being isolated from my family and my husband. From that, I became a certified Thrive Factor Profiler, Theta Practitioner and birthed my signature program ‘Awaken’. This felt very exciting and there was a lot of momentum moving into

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I am sure you have experienced this yourself…

You spend so much time trying so hard to make something happen only to discover that when you let go of controlling the outcome it shows up in the most unexpected way. I’m all for setting intentions/goals and having dreams. In fact I spend time most days doing my manifestation work. I’ll be completely honestThere has been more than one occasion where I have thrown a little tanti and said

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Spread your wings and fly

As a child, I always felt that I should be able to fly. There was an aspect of myself within that wanted to be free, to feel the air rushing at my face and the feeling of soaring on the thermals of air around me. It felt constrictive to be stuck on the ground and trapped in my body. At night the only way that I could drift into sleep

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Start 2021 with a Fresh Commitment to Meditating Daily

There are many misconceptions out there around meditation.Meditation does not require that you be sitting in a cave sitting in the lotus position.Meditation doesn’t mean that you no longer think or float endlessly within the infinite blackness of space of no thought – this, of course, is true for the monks who spend 12 hours a day for years to achieve this state.  For the rest of us though, it

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You are a Magical Bad Ass

Your cells are made up of star dust You are a daughter of the Galaxy You just know shit You have a built in bullshit meter You say it and it happens When you focus your attention on what you want the world goes out of its way to accommodate you You have transformed your pain into your greatest healing superpower You understand the power of ritual, connection, energy and

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Saying “YES” to you is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself

I often tell people that I am a recovering people pleaser. I say recovering because it is an aspect of myself that is completely ingrained in my Psyche. A desire to help others, to make others feel good, to love those who don’t know how to love themselves, to love others as they are, and I feel deep compassion for all whom I meet, love and work with. I have

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Awaken to the voice of your Soul

Are you awake to the voice of your heart? Are you awake to the song of your Soul? Are you awake to the truth of your intuition? Are you awake to the wisdom of your life’s experience? Are you awake to your truth? Are you awake to the symphony of life that plays for you each day? Have you opened your heart to the creative force that is the Divine

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