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Self Discovery Coaching

Self Discovery Course
3 x 75-minute sessions

Whether it’s Relationships, Career or Personal Self Discovery these coaching sessions will help you to unlock the blocks that are holding you back in your life.

They will reveal any limiting beliefs or decisions that prevent you from achieving happiness, clarity and direction in your life.

Self Discovery Coaching will provide you with clear insight into what it is that you really want out of your relationships, work or own life purpose and will give you the tools that you need to understand yourself on the deepest level possible.

Unlock your inner-most desires, release negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs and resolve any internal conflicts. Reconnect you into your own Inner power as we work together to unravel all that has held you back from being the truest version of yourself.

Are you feeling the push pull of trying to work out what direction in your life that you should take?
Do you feel as though you are lacking the self belief and confidence to make change?
Are you looking to have more of a positive mindset?

If YES then in these sessions we will work together to:

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Find clarity in your personal or professional direction
Build your self-belief and confidence
Establish a positive and balanced mindset
Develop a deeper insight into who you really are

Are your relationships deeply fulfilling and rewarding?
Are you seeking deeper connections with your partner or loved ones?
Does it seem as though you continually repeat the same patterns?

If so then in these sessions we work together to:

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Uncover any blocks to having a more meaningful relationship
Unlock all that holds you back in relationships
Discover how to take your relationships to a deeper level

Over the course of these sessions we delve deep into:

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What makes you really tick
Who are you really without all of your labels, your judgments and limiting beliefs
Unlock your inner most desires
Release unnecessary negative emotions such as Anger, Fear, Sadness, Hurt and Guilt
Resolve any internal conflicts
Discover what your true values are
Rewrite your limiting beliefs and decisions
Reconnect you into your own Inner power as we work together to unravel all that has held you back from being the truest version of yourself


In person only

Our mental mind is the most powerful tool that we have been given in this life.

Is your mental mind working for you or against you?

Addiction via food, smoking, negative thinking, or any other substance is the desire within us to fill the hole.

I have struggled throughout my life with weight and food addiction as well as smoking for most of my life.

Hypnosis has freed me from the binds that these addictions had held me within and I so happy to be in a position now to provide you with the opportunity to free yourself from all that binds you and holds you back from achieving the success that you desire.


Light Codes (4)

Weight loss
Stop smoking
Breaking Bad Habits

Light Codes (4)


The Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
2020 – 2021

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