The Thrive Factor Framework® consists of 12 unique Archetypes, each with her own expression relating to Mindset, Marketing (or self-promotion for those not in business), Money and Magnetism.

A Thrive Factor Experience gives you the opportunity to discover and learn about the core essence of the Archetypes that are included in your individual and unique Thrive Factor Profile. You will learn how the Archetypes relate together, and how you can unlock your innate potential by uncovering their unique strengths and potential challenges.


Ever questioned “who am I”

Experience challenges that leave you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed?

In business or life do you feel there is something more you could do to make things easier, but you are not sure what?

Do you feel like most days it is more about surviving than thriving?

When you know your Thrive Factor you have a powerful way to unlock your Effortless Success Zone and empowers you in knowing how to live more effortlessly because you understand your innate strengths, potential challenges and how to use these to your advantage every day!

I would love to introduce you to my four core Archetypes…

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She is a generous kind and supportive woman who thinks about others all the time and has a passion for supporting the downtrodden and less fortunate. 

She is the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves and strives to be the voice for all equality. 

She accepts all that she meets where they are at and once she has made a decision she will follow through until the end. 

She is fearless and strongminded and once she has made a decision she takes action without hesitation. 

The greatest lessons that I have learned through her have been self love, setting healthy boundaries and advocating for myself.

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She is inspirational and loves to share all that excites her. 

She is creative and intuitive and will shine a light on your brilliance so that you too will see it and know it. 

She has a gift for fully embracing beliefs that bring her understanding in life and business.

She loves to inspire others to achieve the best in their lives and shines through with those she works with. 

She is at her best when she allows herself to be inspired by who she is and what she is putting out in the world.

When I am all in, I am all in and I give 150% of my energy to all that lights me up, what I have learned most from her is that balancing my work and play time is crucial in maintaining and balancing my energy. 

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She loves to learn and share, she is the wise woman who innately understands the lessons in everything she experiences. 

Her gift of sharing knowledge and wisdom helps those she works with to easily comprehend and learn.

She has heavily influenced the course of my business and this is reflected in the many modalities that I have been guided to learn, all of which have the core message of self love, wellbeing, wholeness and creating your best life.  

My greatest joy is in teaching all that I have learned.  

Trusting in my wise woman wisdom is the greatest gift that I can give to myself. 

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She is a true chameleon, she can adapt to any situation that she finds herself in and can completely reinvent herself like the phoenix rising from the ashes. 

She has the ability to turn what appears dull or worthless into something exciting, magical and captivating. 

She is a natural Optimist and often influences others with her exciting view of the world, she is a bundle of energy, the rainbow on a rainy day. 

She is a gifted healer and loves all things magical and mystical. 

Her Alchemy is also her ability to manifest and this has been so prevalent throughout my life and especially in my business. 

I love that I have her versatility and can adapt to any situation or group of people that I find myself in. 

This has served me so well with the women from all over the world and from all walks of life that I have the honour of working with. 

Grounding myself in daily rituals that support my love of all things magical and Divine keep me grounded deeply in my sense of self. 

Each of my Archetypes have contributed to who I am today and it is with true honour and pleasure that I bring all of the wisdom, tools, and skills that I have gained along my way to support women who are ready to transform their lives. 

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