Hi, I’m Kerryn

I am a certified Thrive Factor Coach TM (Licensed), Meditation Guide and Teacher, NLP Self Discovery Master Coach, Hypnosis practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Theta Healer and Psychic Medium.

As a holistic therapist and self discovery coach for women (and some men!) I work with people like you, who are ready for change and for overall well being in their lives. This begins with helping you reconnect with your Inner Being. When you do, you discover life’s meaning and purpose, learn how to tap into your innate potential, and then to create the life you have always said you wanted.


The time to step into the greatest version of you starts now

My journey started early. I was born a highly sensitive and empathic child.

Growing up, I was impacted by the emotions and thoughts of everyone around me. The best way that I knew how to manage this was to make everyone around me feel happy, so I could stop the pain that I was feeling inside of myself.

These early experiences and questioning “Who am I” “What am I doing here” “What is my purpose” and “What on earth am I meant to be doing” led me to my local Spiritualist Church at the age of 21.

I have spent the last three decades searching for and discovering the meaning of this life… why are human beings the way that they are, what makes us tick, why do we do what we do, how do our thoughts effect us and how can we be at peace and have purpose and find happiness?

My passion and drive is to share what I have learned to help others find their way home.

My joy is to join you on your journey and assist you in awakening and reconnecting with your Inner Being.

The work I do through Holistic Essentials Therapy & Consulting helps you connect again to your own wisdom, be supported by the universe’s beautiful energy and know that you’ve got this.


Holistic therapies and personal discovery coaching is a powerful combination. When we work together you could experience these kinds of benefits and so much more.

I often get asked to explain what I do and I used to think “where do I start?”. There are so ways we can work together and I love the reality that there is an abundance of opportunities for us to achieve the well being you desire. 

So the best way to answer the question is to really say that the how is not the important focus. Getting clear on how you want to feel and the healing you wish to experience is our first step. Once we are both clear then the gift of how we could achieve your desires becomes apparent to me and I can share that with you. 

Instead of wondering what kind of session or treatment to book, reach out and let’s chat about where you are at, what you know you want and even where you are unsure. Then I can recommend the best first step to support you and any transformation you seek. 

The word transformation can feel overwhelming at times. Trust me, I know this all too well. I also know that transformation starts with small steps and happens over time. It’s not a quick fix. Your well being and energy and healing deserve more than being rushed. 

When we work together you could experience these kinds of benefits and so much more.

  • Experiencing clarity relating to the direction to take in your life and the steps to take to achieve what you want

  • Feel more connected to yourself without the doubts and questioning that plagued you in the past 

  • Create greater balance and harmony in body, energy, and spirit so you feel your true self again 

  • Understand you have nothing wrong with you that needs fixing so you can get on with living instead of being trapped by false beliefs  

  • Learn to trust your intuition when making decisions so you also know you can trust yourself without needing external validation  

  • Feel seen and heard for who you are so you can let go of trying to be someone or something you think you have or need to be. This is so freeing! Yes it can be scary but the future is so much better when this changes 

  • Shift from being in complete overwhelm and confusion to feeling settled, calm and resilient with anything you face 

  • Find confidence when it comes to tough conversations and asking for what you want and need so you can step into being a true self advocate 

  • Become reinspired by who you are and what you do in the world so you can expand to become the kind of woman you really want to be 

  • Transform feelings of uncertainty, lack of clarity and direction and even a sense of hopelessness at times to feelings of energy, and having motivation and direction you can rely on 

  • Connect with deep courage to face past experiences that have left you feeling ways you no longer want to feel. Instead with your inspired courage you make sense of the past experiences, integrate the learning, and align to your future  

  • Face your greatest fears and discover that not only are they not that scary, but they offer great clues to move yourself forward to connect with what you really want to experience in life 

  • Overcome the debilitation of depression, anxiety and stress so as to live a happier, more content and awakened life 



Still not clear on what you need?

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Ways we can work together

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The Thrive Factor Framework TM is the most personally powerful self discovery tool I have ever used. Designed purely for women, this is the cornerstone of the transformational work we do together. As a Licensed Thrive Factor Coach TM, I work with you in a single session to introduce you to your Thrive Factor Archetypes – aspects of yourself  you may be disconnected from and never understood.

Or we can work in a personalised program starting with the Thrive Factor and incorporating the best options from my alchemical blend of magical self discovery tools, processes, experiences and systems. Some of these are mentioned below.

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Working with you to release negative emotions of Anger, Fear, Hurt and Guilt
Rewriting Limiting Decisions and Beliefs
Resolving any conflicts within you that are holding you back from living your desired life
Setting achievable goals
Providing you with the tools to create lasting change in your life

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To bring you back to centre, to aid you in reducing stress and anxiety in your life Ascension Reiki Healing – Wellbeing Body, Mind and Spirit Psychic Medium Readings to reconnect you to your Soul’s purpose, to aid you in identifying areas in your life that require your attention, proving you with insight and clarity for you future as well as connecting you to your Loved ones in Spirit.

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Wellbeing for Body, Mind and Spirit

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To reconnect you to your Soul’s purpose, to aid you in identifying areas in your life that require your attention, proving you with insight and clarity for you future as well as connecting you to your Loved ones in Spirit.

My Mission 

My every thought, action, decision and belief that I have ever felt, expressed or acted upon has lead me to this very moment right hereright now.

Where I am right now in this exact moment is in perfect harmony of my Divine Plan.

My journey in this life has bought me many experiences and life events,  and it is my hope that my experiences may assist you also in finding the tools and knowledge that you have deep within you.  

My joy is to join you on your journey and assist you in awakening and reconnecting you with your Inner Being.

I promote compassionate and effective treatments for disease and disharmony in a Holistic manner.

I aim to:

Ease suffering in a caring and professional manner to the best of my ability.Promote harmony and balance of the Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit that treats the whole person.Promote my practice with professionalism, accountability, integrity, and a continuous striving for improvement and excellence in the healing that I offer.Encourage the pursuit of knowledge, research, and personal responsibility.To share my knowledge without reserve for the purpose of healing.Continuously promote good health and spiritual harmony.Pursue, without reserve, my own healing and spiritual journey so that I may serve better.Honour the precept that all true healing is healing of the Spirit.

How may I be of Service?

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  • Certified Thrive Factor Coach TM (Licensed)
  • Certified Meditation Teacher (ACMM)
  • Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • NLP Master Coach
  • Certified Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Certified Ascension Reiki Master Teacher
  • Registered member of the American NLP and Hypnotherapy Board
  • Registersted member of the Australian NLP Board
  • Registered member of the Australian Reiki Association

Kerryn is also a highly successful Psychic Medium with over three decades of experience and was a student at Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship.