Alchemy of the Soul 
Accessing the wisdom and guidance of your infinite intelligence 

During this session, I’ll tune into the magic of your Soul’s infinite intelligence. 

This is the place where the wisdom and guidance of an expanded and highly evolved version of you exists. 

We all have this aspect of self, but often we are unsure how to access it.


When you align to your Soul’s innate wisdom you gain access to the gifts that you brought forth into this life, even if you have not yet tapped into them.  In bringing them to light you activate within you a deep remembering. 

A remembering of who you are, what you desire to do in this one fabulous, magical life, and the confidence it can all be your reality.


During the session I will also tune into your future self, providing you with valuable and practical guidance you can take on board. With this additional motivating information, you will be inspired to take aligned action as you support yourself in creating the life you truly desire.


I love that your Soul knows where and what in your life needs your attention.

For you, this could be for clarity and understanding of your relationships. 


Perhaps you are seeking clarification and inspiration on your chosen career or business path. 


You may not have yet fully accessed your greatest potential in manifesting the abundance you desire in your life. 


Or maybe you are seeking the path to self realisation and spiritual awakening.


Anything is possible. 

Your Soul and its infinite intelligence knows what guidance you require to support you in living an aligned and fulfilling life.


It is my honour to use my spiritual gifts, using my innate wisdom and my decades of clairvoyance to connect you with exactly what your Soul is waiting to tell you.


An Alchemy of the Soul session is the opportunity you have been searching for.


Alchemy of the Soul 

Light Codes (4)


In Person or via Zoom 
1hr – $444
30 min – $222

You have the Power, Knowledge and Wisdom within you 
to change the course of your life


Light Codes (4)


Certified Angel Guide (Hay House Kyle Gary)
Certified Angel Card Mastery (Kyle Gary)
Certified Angel Card Reader & Certified Angel Intuitive

International Psychic Medium,
Student of The Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship United Kingdom

Certified Flower Therapy Healer (Robert Reeves)

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