My tips on how to calm your anxiety when it sneaks up on you!

Anxiety can at times feel like a well worn glove that you have fully climbed back into before you are even aware of it.

It can start with a churning in your belly, then a tightening in your chest as your throat begins to feel constricted.

Often we go into fear of the anxiety and try on some level to outrun it. To get as far away from the uncomfortable feeling as you can when all this really does is increase the intensity of the sensations occurring in your body.

The underlying emotion in most cases is fear and a lot of the time it can be difficult to even put your finger on what the actual fear may be.

Then the ego mind kicks in and begins to fill your head with scenarios that logically you know are not real but every fibre of your being is responding as though it is happening right here, right now in this very moment.

Energetically what you resist persists, what you deny festers, what you ignore starts to scream out to try and get your attention and before you know it you are in a full blown panic attack.

Often this can feel as though it has come on you with no warning and this can be extremely intense.

What I know for sure though is that this, in most cases, will have been a build up of either hours or days and in your need to move away from the feelings and sensations and in ignoring them, this has actually had the opposite effect.

In these moments, and I am experiencing one of these myself today these are some of the things that I do…

  • Take notice of your surroundings, what can you see and hear, take time doing this
  • Feel the weight of your body where it sits and the sensation of your feet on the ground
  • Bring your attention to your breath
  • Follow the flow of your breath all the way into your body, noticing where in your body it flows to
  • Now follow that breath all the way out of your body, feeling the full flow of it as you exhale
  • Continue this for several breaths
  • Now bring your attention to the area in your body that feels the most uncomfortable, eg belly, chest, throat
  • Place your hands on this area
  • Now breathe into this area, your breath may feel shallow to begin with and that is ok
  • Feel your hands on the area of your body
  • Continue to breathe in and out of this area, and as you do so say a few words of encouragement to this sensation in your body
  • It’s ok, you are safe, everything is going to be ok, you are doing great, I am here for you
  • Sit with this for as long as you feel that you need to and then move onto any other areas of your body repeating the above process

Once you have completed this process you may like to repeat again or do one of the following:

  • Be kind and gentle with yourself
  • Unplug from all media
  • Sit outside and feel the warmth of the sun against your skin
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Sit at your favourite park in nature
  • Spend time with your fur babies
  • Get out of the house
  • Play your favourite music
  • Colour in

May this serve you well.


Your Guardian Angels are by your side

Throughout my life I have always felt that there was a presence around me.

An energy of love that would wrap itself around me whenever I was feeling afraid, confused, overwhelmed and lost.

It wasn’t until I started a development class in my early 20’s though that I first was introduced to the concept of a Guardian Angel.

This was a Being that I was taught walked my life with me however I never really connected to this energy as at that time I was beginning my journey with my Spirt guides and helpers.

In 2012 I was introduced to the beautiful form or Ascension Reiki, this was my first real moment of connecting to and inviting in the presence of Angels into my heart and my life.

These Divine Beings of light have helped me to transform not only myself but also my life on so many levels especially over the last five years.

There is I feel a misconception that we all have that these incredible messengers of the Divine are so far out our league that they are unreachable or perhaps that we are not worthy of their attention or knowing.

We as a human collective have been so conditioned throughout our lives that we are not good enough, that we are on some level flawed to such a degree that a light as pure and as loving as theirs could not even know of our existence.

Perhaps you like me have watched other spiritual teachers and compared yourself to their light and thought that Miracles and Angel miracles are available only to those that have already reached some heightened level of enlightenment.

I have spent a great deal of my life not thinking that I was deserving or worthy of such unconditional love and in order to be so I must first be perfect so as to avoid being rejected.

I have since been taught by these Divine Beings of light that this is so not the case.

Angels have such an enormous amount of love and compassion for all us who are living this human experience.

They recognise that what we are all doing on a Soul level is incredibly valuable for the expansion and awakening of the Human Collective.

They know that as Soul’s what we have agreed to do by incarnating to Planet Earth is extreme to say the least.

We are the only species within the Cosmos that when born are born with complete Amnesia of our Souls knowledge of lifetimes of experiences.

We are born believing that we are separate from each other.

We are born having a deep inner knowing that there is something “More” that we should be.

We are born being able to energetically interpret the world around us and then taught that what we are seeing, feeling, sensing and knowing is just a figment of our imaginations.

Angels are Beings who have in most cases have not incarnated into physical form as we know it.

They are Beings who are like the cells of the Universe all acting in divine harmony for the greater good of the whole.

They are connected always to the heart of the Divine and express only love, wholeness, peace, joy and happiness.

This does not mean though they are not able to share in our lowest moments with us, they see the pain and suffering that we experience and it is from within this space that they continuously stream their loving energy to us.

In these moments though they also see us in our purest form, they see the light of Divinity within us and they see that we are still very much connected to and held within the heart of the Divine.

The Angelic realm and your Guardian Angels are there to assist us in all areas of our lives.

When you agreed to have this human experience you agreed knowing that you would have their assistance at all times throughout your life.

You came into this life knowing that you had all of the skills that you could ever need to fulfil your Souls purpose on hand and at your disposal at all times.

You knew without a doubt that you would never be alone.

You knew that you would always be able to shape your life in any way that you chose to.

You also knew that everyone that you would ever meet in your life would in no way be a stranger to you as they originate from your cluster Soul family group.

Most of all you knew that your Angels would be there to remind you and guide you should you ever lose your way.

Your Guardian Angel or Angels have been with you on your Souls journey for as long as you have existed.

Your Guardian Angel willingly and lovingly chose you as a Soul sister or brother from the moment that you decided to experience a life as a separate personality from the Divine.

Your Guardian Angel has been with you always.

They are an aspect to your higher Soul self and are not separate from you.

They carry within their hearts the records of all lifetimes that you have ever experienced.

Your Guardian Angel is there to shine a light on your path the moment that you feel that you have lost your way.

Your Guardian Angel is there to carry you in the moments that you feel that you are not strong enough to take another step.

Your Guardian Angel is there to wrap you up in their light when your burdens feel to heavy to carry.

Your Guardian Angel is there with a never ending stream of unconditional love to fill your heart when your heart feels as though it cannot possibly take another hurt.

Your Guardian Angel sees the perfect and imperfect within you and loves all of you unconditionally.

Your Guardian Angel is there to give you a gentle nudge when you believe that you are forgotten.

Your Guardian Angel is there placing signs into the tapestry of your life so that at the moment that you look up you are in the right place at the right time to see it.

Your Guardian Angel is on hand at any moment of your day to assist you all you need do is ask.

You are not alone
You are not lost
You are not broken
You are not forsaken
You are not less than
You are not weak
You are not forgotten

Your Guardian Angels are your very own light worker, just you and only you have their fullest attention for the entirety of your life.

They love you so very much and they want very much to be a co creator of your life with you.

This is what they would like me to share with you.

Morning practice:

Each morning place your hand on your heart chakra and rest in gratitude for all that is your life.

Take 5 gentle breaths in and out of your heart chakra.

Ask this following question:

“What would you have me know today?”

Take a few moments now to write whatever comes by way of visual, feeling or thought.

Make this following statement as often as you feel throughout your day.

“Thank you for revealing yourself to me today”

Then go about your day with an open mind and heart that your Angels will find a way to interact with you throughout your day.

Evening Practice:

Have journal handy.

Each evening place your hand on your heart chakra and rest in gratitude for all that went well in your day.

Take 5 gentle breaths in and out of your heart chakra.

In your mind and your heart thank your Guardian Angel/s for moving close to you in a way that is most comfortable to you.

Notice any shifts in energy around you, eg air temperature, tingling sensations in or on your body.

You may feel a presence around you notice where in particular – I will often feel as though someone is touching my head or a hand on my shoulder.

Take notice too of the pressure on your third eye chakra.

Notice the emotions rising within you – I feel loving energy fill my heart.

Take notice of any colours or visuals that you may notice – this can be from within your minds eye with your eyes closed.

Have a sense of what they may look like and feel like.

What stands out to you?

Now take a moment to tune your attention to their personality – what does their personality feel like to you – mine have very good sense of humours and feel very loving and joyful.

Do you see or sense that they have wings or perhaps they do not.

When you feel that you have spent that time with this practice that is comfortable for you be sure to thank your Guardian Angel for their presence and if you feel you need to you can thank them for removing their presence until you call on them again.

Please know that you are always safe and protected in the presence of your Angels however if you feel that you would like to invoke protection to do this exercise there are a few ways that you can do this:

  1. Thank Archangel Michael for protecting you
  2. Visualise yourself wrapped in white light
  3. Set the intention that you are only surrounded by the loving light of the Angels and the Divine

Your Angels are patiently waiting for you to connect with them and for you to invite them into your life.

They are ready to work with you the moment that you decide that you are ready to do so also.