You are a Magical Bad Ass

Your cells are made up of star dust

You are a daughter of the Galaxy

You just know shit

You have a built in bullshit meter

You say it and it happens

When you focus your attention on what you want the world goes out of its way to accommodate you

You have transformed your pain into your greatest healing superpower

You understand the power of ritual, connection, energy and know how to harness this in ways that supports your highest good

You talk to the animals and nature as though they are your long-lost friends

You can and do reach deep within you and tap into the infinite resource of wisdom, strength, and love that you know is always there for you

You can turn the darkest moment into the brightest star

Your glass is always half full

You see the beauty in every soul you meet and shine a light on it for them to see

You tune into the Divine and allow her healing light to flow through you

You always land on your feet

You trust your inner guidance to always lead you to the right people, places, and situations

You celebrate joyfully the good fortune of others

People are drawn to your shining light like moths to the flame

You give others hope when they have lost their own

No matter what the darkness you always find the light

Know it, own it, live it



Saying “YES” to you is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself

I often tell people that I am a recovering people pleaser.

I say recovering because it is an aspect of myself that is completely ingrained in my Psyche.

A desire to help others, to make others feel good, to love those who don’t know how to love themselves, to love others as they are, and I feel deep compassion for all whom I meet, love and work with.

I have a deep desire for others to be happy, to find happiness within themselves and in their lives.

This has often in my life led me to say YES to people, places, and situations over and over again, even when I didn’t really want to.

The thought of upsetting another person or letting someone down was not worth the anxiety it would cause to say no, so I would just say yes.

So much of my personal healing journey has been to learn to say no with love.

To have healthy boundaries with time and energy.

The most important lesson however that I have learned is to say yes to me first.

Discovering that one of my primary Archetypes is the Advocate Rescuer has further helped me in being able to embody this in all areas of my life.

She is all about helping others, she is kind, generous, supportive and has a huge compassionate heart.

She embodies the energy of the Goddess Kwan-Yin and she has been one of my greatest teachers.
I have come to love this big-hearted compassionate archetype.

When you love, support, advocate for and say yes to yourself first, you become a love-filled cup that is overflowing with more than enough for all that you choose to share with.



Awaken to the voice of your Soul

Are you awake to the voice of your heart?

Are you awake to the song of your Soul?

Are you awake to the truth of your intuition?

Are you awake to the wisdom of your life’s experience?

Are you awake to your truth?

Are you awake to the symphony of life that plays for you each day?

Have you opened your heart to the creative force that is the Divine to flow to you and through you?

Have you witnessed the beauty of your Soul through the reflection of your eyes in the mirror?

Have you used your voice to express the infinite wisdom within you?

Have your ears heard the harmonious melody of life?

Your heart knows you
Your Soul knows you
The Divine knows you
Life knows you

When you turn your attention inward and disconnect from the external noise of the world around you, you begin to awaken.

When you trust the voice of your heart and ignore the noise in your head you begin to awaken.

When the attune your attention to the wisdom of your Soul you begin to awaken.

When you see the value and worth within you, you begin to awaken.

When the symphony of the Universe fills your heart, mind and soul, you are starting to awaken.



If not now when?

I have at times in my life been the perpetual “gonna” girl, which in Australian slang means ‘going to’.

They have often throughout my life sounded like this…

I’m going to lose weight
I’m going to have a daily exercise practice
I’m going to leave this unhealthy relationship
I’m going to get healthy
I’m going to start my business
I’m going to write a blog
I’m going to write a book
I’m going to change my life
I’m going to leave my toxic job

This then turns into one day…

One day when I have ……… I’ll be happy
One day I’ll do my dream
One day I’ll meet the right person
One day I’ll get help
One day I’ll listen to my heart
One day I’ll change my life
One day I’ll get healthy
One day I’ll have a pet
One day I’ll write a book
One day I’ll take that art class
One day I’ll take time to do what I love
One day I’ll have time to get healthy
One day I’ll when I have time to get help
One day I’ll love myself
One day I’ll have my dream job

Your intuition and the voice of your soul are constantly nudging you with ideas and inspiration as to what would most serve your happiness and your highest good.

A feeling inside of you that your body would love you to move

An idea or image in your mind of the right foods for you to eat

A thought that I should really do this

A dream of a healthy relationship or the perfect business idea

A wish for the place that you would love to live in

A knowing of a healthy relationship

You know deep inside of yourself exactly what it is that you want to do with and in your life.

If you don’t start taking action on it now, then when will you?

One day or I’m going to can roll into each new year and continue this momentum until before you know it 5 years have passed.

5 years of still sitting in the same place
5 years of still being in the same relationship
5 years of still being in the same toxic workplace
5 years of still living an unhealthy life style
5 years of putting your dreams on hold
5 years of saying one day
5 years of not moving forward

So if not now when will you do what it is that you want to do in your life?

Are you willing to wait another 5 years to create the change that you want to make in your life?

If this is you and you are ready to make a positive change in your life then please get in touch.



Compassionate Heart

I have always felt deep compassion for others, be it animals, people, or nature.

Throughout my life, the love that I have felt for others has often felt as though my heart would literally burst.

Being able to feel that level of compassion for myself, however, has been one of my life’s struggles.

It has always felt easier to do so for another than to do so for myself.

Having discovered that I have the Advocate Rescuer Archetype has given me such a deeper insight to myself.

She has a huge heart and embodies the spirit of the beautiful goddess of compassion Quan Yin.
She loves to help others, she stands up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, and she accepts those she meets for who they are without judgement.

One of her biggest lessons, however, is to show that same level of love, compassion, and acceptance to herself.

Learning to view and treat myself with compassion has been one of the greatest gifts that I have given to myself.

It has helped me to forgive myself for some really shitty choices and decisions that I have made in my life and as I have done that, I have been able to recognise that all of the choices that I have made has moulded me into the person I am today.

I like and value the person that I am today, and the commitment that I made to myself more than 6 years ago to rewire my negative self-talk and self-judgement is what supported me in doing so.

So how can you be more compassionate to yourself?

  1. When you find yourself criticising or judging yourself, stop and say “I am doing the best that I can”
  1. When the monkey mind is telling you all of the negative BS stop and say “I am enough”
  1. When you catch yourself beating yourself up for not doing something right or the way you think that you should have stop and say “I love and approve of myself”

These are just a few of the ways that I learned to become more compassionate with myself.

You too can make a commitment to yourself to shift the way that you treat yourself.

This is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself.