Ode to Source

There is a sadness that prevails throughout my whole Being and it reminds me that I am at times lost without you. 
Your arms hold me when I feel that I am less than.
Your heart surrounds me when I feel that I am not enough. 
Your light shines brightly for me when I feel that I cannot find my way through the darkness. 
A thousand thoughts of what I can do to be who I came here to be. 
Who am I without you?
I am floating endlessly upon an empty ocean hoping at some point to find my feet on solid ground.
The ground beneath my feet can only support me if I know that it is you that guides me true.
My endless seeking can only end when I recognise that it is you that I am seeking. 
Trying forever to find my way home not knowing that home is within the light of you.
My tears are my message to you that I once thought that I was lost.
That I once thought that I was unseen.
That I once thought that I was unheard.
That I once thought that I was unknown.
That I once thought that home was anywhere not you.
That I once felt a loneliness so deep that my tears would never reach the bottom.
I have spent a lifetime on a voyage to nowhere.
That in the nowhere there you were all along waiting patiently for me to remember that you have never left me.
My longing for home was thinking that my heart could ever belong to any other but you.
My remembering is knowing that my heart is yours.
That my feet answer only to the call of your name.
That my hands when given in your name will bring the light.
When my heart filled with your love will always shine bright.
That my words when spoken within your breath will always carry the weight of your truth.
When my eyes seek the beauty of life it will reveal to me your face always.
When I lay my life at your feet I will always in that moment be saved.
When I lay my heart at your hands you will always keep me safe.
When I see myself through your eyes I will always be enough.
In your heart there is no searching.
In your heart I am already home.
In your heart I am forever enough.
In your heart freedom is already mine.
In your heart life is already perfect.
In your heart I am all that I am.
In your heart there is no where for me to be. 
In your heart there is nothing for me to do. 
In your heart I am complete. 
In your heart I trust.
In your heart I live. 
In your heart I am heard.
In your heart I am seen. 
In your heart I am known. 
In your heart I am healed.
In your heart I am whole. 
In your heart I am home.
In my heart I am yours forever more.

Are fear and your Ego mind controlling your life? And if so are you tired of it yet?

What is the Ego mind really? I am sure that you have heard me speak of this before and I guess that I will continue to speak of it for as long as we, a human collective, have an Ego.

I loved that Wayne Dwyer said EGO = Edging God Out and no truer words have been spoken.

The Ego is the negative Nancy in your head that tells you tonnes of bullshit stories such as…

I’m not good enough
I can’t do this or that
When I look like this I’ll be able to do that
I can’t do this because my body is not the right shape
When I look that way then I’ll be able to live my souls purpose
When I find have the right relationship I’ll have happiness
It’s not safe to trust.

Feeling as though you are in competition with others.
Feeling excessively that you are better or more intelligent than everyone else yet do nothing to share that intelligence to help empower others.
Reliving your pain story over and over again.
Starting your Spiritual awakening and then allowing self doubt, self worth and the non support of people around you to convince you that it is not for you.

I am continually hearing peoples stories as to why they cannot be well, why they can’t be healed, why they can’t live their life, why they can’t listen to their Soul, why they can’t be happy, why they can’t share their gifts, why they can’t live the life that they want. 

YES life can be scary, YES change can be fearful AND YES taking ownership for what lights you up can at times feel overwhelming and unchartered but how is your life of NOT living what brings you joy working out for you right now?

FEAR = Fantasised Events Appearing Real

Fear and Ego are very good friends. Your Ego mind wants you to continuously live in the false illusion that you are less than, that people wrong you, that others are out to get you, that you are separate from the Source of All That Is and the EGO absolutely does not want you to tap into your Soul, your own inner power your own Divinity.

The Ego fears above all else death, and if we really look at what the Ego drives us all to do really it is on some level a form of death. 

It convinces us to over eat, to not go for that walk today, to stay in toxic relationships, to justify holding onto anger and staying small.

What is this GOD that the EGO is edging out?

It is the aspect of you, the big Self that is connected to All That Is, God, Source whatever you want to call it.

It is the aspect of you that knows without a doubt that you are light, that you are love, loveable, worthy and free.

It is the aspect of you that has given you the nudge to become that healer, to be that writer, to shout your voice, to sing your songs, to light up a room, to make someone laugh, to shine your light, to empower another, to teach, to heal, to create, to birth constant streams of creative ideas that come to you.

This is the voice of your Soul that lovingly and endlessly nudges you in the direction of growth that you have wanted to expense in this lifetime.

When you turn your back on being a healer, when you put away those paints, when you keep your mouth shut, when you believe that you are less than, when you hold onto pain you are in fact cutting yourself off from the flow of your Soul and of the Unconditional loving force of the Universe.

I am yet to see a healer that wasn’t born to be a healer, a singer that wasn’t born to sing, an artist that wasn’t meant to create, a spiritual teacher that wasn’t meant to teach, a writer that wasn’t meant to write and so many more.

You receive the intuitive nudge and guidance of what you could do in this life because it is what you were BORN to do.

It is a creative force that once you embrace it and allow yourself to feel the joy of it your Heart, your Mind, your Soul and your Life expands in all directions, all directions of greatness, light and expansion. 

What I know for sure is that there is no way that you could receive a creative intuitive inspiration that you weren’t meant to, it is impossible for you to conceive of anything that you do not already have the tools, skill, talents and resources to bring it to life.

So who is the driver of your life then? If you choose for it not to be Fear and your EGO then what?

Why not try this on for size, why not allow your Soul to be the driver of your life? When you are connected to your Soul, you are connected to the Sources of All That Is, you are connected to ALL, it is from this space that you have the freedom to live a life that is Heart centred, you become more in tune with nature and others around you. When you are connected to your Soul the love of the Universe flows to you and through you. When you are connected to your Soul you no longer need to hold onto the BS stories that make up who you think you are. When you are connected to your Soul you are guided to all that is for your Highest Good. When you are plugged into the Universe you are always guided to the right people, places and situations. When you listen to the voice of your Soul she will guide you to actions required to birth your creations. When you allow your Soul to be the driver of your life then with her love and strength you will feel that fear and do it anyway.

When the love of the being connected to your Soul/Souls purpose and the incredible feeling of being in the flow of life fills your Heart there are no words that can be said to ever hold you back. 

Get your journal out today and write this at the top of your page: “What would my Soul like to say to me today” Go with it, just breathe and write everything that comes to you. If you do this everyday you will begin to hear the voice of your Soul instead of the voice of your Ego. You will start to live a life in Love instead of Fear. You will begin to expect that magic will show up for you everyday and that miracles really do exist. 

In any given moment you have the power within you to choose which is the driving force of your life. Fear or Love?

It is from here that the Universe hears the song of your Soul and moves in close to revel in the brilliance of all that you are.



In this video I discuss what I am grateful for but also how to be grateful without being conditional.

Unconditional gratitude is the highest vibrational frequency that you can align yourself to.

Taking back your power and cutting the cords of attachment

Do you often wake up in the morning feeling great and then before your feet have even touched the ground you are already weighing yourself down with memories of your past.

It is as though your bedroom becomes filled with all of the people and situations from your past that have ever caused you hurt and pain.

Aren’t you tired of starting your day carrying all of those people from your past on your back. They are there with you in every conversations, in every car ride, in every relationship and pretty much in every area of your life.

Whenever you remember an event from your past your body begins to respond as if you are in fact right there in that moment. This is the power of the subconscious mind, it does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. 

So each time that you delve deep into that past event you are literally taking yourself right back there to that time and place. 

Each time that you relive an event from your past you are literally plugging yourself into that person or situation, and as your hurt and anger arises against that person or situation you create a cord of attachment to it. 

Image that you have a cord of energy running from your Solar Plexus, as you tune into the energy of a person or situation this cord of energy from your solar plexus then plugs into that person or event.

As soon as you are plugged into this your precious life force energy then starts to flow out of your body and into that person or situation.

From here they unknowingly begin to cipher the precious life force energy from your body. 

Have you ever experienced walking away from someone and feeling utterly drained and exhausted? This is a perfect example of how in that moment you plugged yourself into that person and they began to literally drain your life force.

Here are some simple techniques that you can put into place to release yourself from these attachments.

1. Ground yourself fully into the heart of Mother Earth each morning.

2. Begin your day with a protection visualisation – Check out mine HERE

3. When you are with another person imagine that you are being filled with energy from the Universe/Sun or Mother Earth and focus your attention on your breath.  

4. Thank you ArchAngel Michael for cutting all cords of attachment.

In order to fully release yourself from your past situations and free yourself from the Karmic lessons that these situations create for us here is what you can do:

1.  Write a list of all of the people and situations that are still causing you pain today. As you view each person or situation ask yourself: “What is the learning in this situation for me”? (now it is important here that you focus on the learning that has provided you with personal and spiritual growth).

2. Once you have obtained all of the higher learnings bring each person to mind and say: “I now forgive and release you, my karmic lesson in this situation is now fulfilled and no longer serves my Highest Good.”

3. For a deeper release you might like to check out my Cutting the Cords meditation HERE and introduce this into your evening spiritual practice.

This saying is something that has remained with me for such a long time and I am reminded of it often:

“Holding Anger against another is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” 

True freedom and peace comes from letting go of your past. It has served its purpose or if not the Universe will continue to bring these situations into your life so that you do have the opportunity to learn and grow.

I don’t know about you but I certainly am only happy to go through these crappy situations once and learn from them.

I have cycled and recycled so many learnings in my life before the Ah ha moment finally arrived and I was able to get the meaning and the message of it and then release it and let it go.

Making the choice to be free can only be made by you, it is your decision and when you are completely ready to do so then put all of the above in place and begin to experiences the weightlessness of opportunity and new beginnings.