Embodying all that you are

I have been doing some reflection the last week or so.

I have been thinking about the personal growth that I have undergone in the last 18 months and it’s been big.

I have also been contemplating what it means to be an Awakened Woman and what the embodiment of that looks and feels like.

At the beginning of 2020, I was in paradise (Fiji) with an amazing group of women from around the globe as a facilitator for the first UGWA International Retreat.

The lead up to this felt intense, scary even as this was yet another level of stepping out of my comfort zone, I could feel intuitively the expansion in this and the uplevelling that was about to occur, and I leaned into this with trust in the Universe and deep faith in myself.

I knew in my heart that all that I had learned and all of my lived experiences had been leading me to this very moment.

It felt SO right for me to be here in this space with all of these glorious women and I KNEW on a soul level that I was exactly where I was meant to be and that I was worthy of all of it.

I felt expanded, empowered, and completely at ease with who I was and all I had to offer those I was destined to meet.

I felt no better or no less than anyone, I was simply at ease with myself and everything around me, my heart was so full of love and gratitude and I felt completely at one with the flow of life and had complete trust in the guidance of the Universe.

My first meeting of Elizabeth Gilbert felt so surreal, she was much taller than I thought she would be, and she did not just walk, to me she appeared to glide like an ethereal goddess, and we hugged as we met despite the excessive amount of sweat pouring off me from the humidity and heat.

This moment in itself filled me with so much joy and I thought to myself “well if that is the only interaction that I am blessed to have with her it will be enough to last me a lifetime” little did I know it was just the beginning of so many more.

After dinner on the first evening as I was walking toward her table with my heart so full of gratitude, she looked at me and put her arms out above her with a huge smile on her face, so I walked right on over to her and hugged her yet again.

As I hugged her I gushed into her ear, “I promised myself that I was going to totally cool and not gush all over you but fuck it, I can’t help it, I love your work and everything about you, I’m so grateful to meet you” she laughed and said it’s perfectly ok and I love that you did anyway.

I walked away floating on a cloud of bliss and joy and as I was sharing this moment with one of my fellow sisters she came around the corner where I laughingly told her how I was yet again gushing about her and asked if it was ok to have a selfie with her.

She replied with a laugh and said yes absolutely you can have as many as you like with me.



My friends this was Day 1 of many more moments like these with her throughout this magical week.

She was real, she was open, she was generous, she was honest and vulnerable, she was accessible and she taught me what it meant to be a relaxed woman.

The most magical experience with her however was when I had the opportunity to give her a healing treatment.

I will admit that I was nervous about this, there were thoughts of what if she doesn’t like it, what if she doesn’t have a good experience what if, what if, what if, blah blah blah.

So I took a breath, aligned myself to my heart and the love of the Divine, shifted my focus from myself, and instead placed myself in the hands of the Divine and trusted that all was as it should be.

The moment I tuned into Universal life force energy and the Angelic Realm she was no longer “Liz Gilbert” and I was no longer “me”, we were simply two souls meeting in that moment wrapped in the unconditional love of the Universe.

During the session, I received a message for her, and I seriously considered not passing this on to her, her story is publicly known and she had shared much with us throughout the week and I just did not want to be seen as taking advantage or have the love and integrity of the message doubted.

Again I was asked to trust, and as I always trust the guidance I am given I took a deep breath and asked her if she was open to receiving the message I had received for her.

To this she said yes, so with my faith and trust placed fully in the Divine and love in my heart, I shared it with her.

She looked into my eyes with tears in hers, she placed her hand on my face and whispered to me that I was an Angel, that she loved me, she said thank you, that message is absolutely perfect and the same that I received myself this morning in my journaling. Thank you this was exactly what I needed to hear.

I’m sharing this story with you not to big note myself or say how awesome I am.

I am simply sharing this with you because, on my reflection of what it means to embody being an Awakened Woman, I know in my heart that if I had not embodied the belief in myself,
If I had not trusted fully in my own intuition, wisdom, gifts, and strengths,
If I had not had faith in myself and the Divine,
If I had not felt so, at home within myself and all that I am, none of this would have been able to happen.

An Awakened Woman trusts herself and her innate wisdom

She is brave
She is confident
She is compassionate with herself and others
She says yes to herself and life
She is resilient
She is resourceful
She believes in herself
She knows how to ask for what she wants
She is clear about who she is
She celebrates all that she is

If you are ready to embody what it means to be an Awakened Woman then I invite you to join me in my Awaken Program.

Much love

The Power of an Inspired Woman

The Inspired Woman
Recognises how essential it is that she takes care of herself so she can take care of others.

She understands how important this is and commits fully to herself.

Her integrity is high and she is largely guided by this in all areas of her life.
She genuinely leads by example

She has been told often that she is inspirational however her gentle humility in this can often prevent her from seeing how truly inspiring she is to others.

She is passionate about all that she believes in and excitedly shares this with others.

She believes deeply in humanities collective ability to heal itself

She is powerfully motivated to do and be her best and loves to encourage others to do the same.

She is genuinely accepting and supportive of others and effortlessly shines a light on their brilliance.

She is deeply connected to her emotions and profoundly understands others and helps them to express their emotions in positive and healthy ways.
She does this by leading by example and in doing so empowers others.

She is tapped into her natural creativity and intuition which creates balance and harmony in her life and in the lives of those she inspires, amplifying her superpower of inspirational qualities.

Are you ready to embody the Inspired Woman within?

If so my Awaken Program can support you in embodying the inspired woman within.


An Awakened Woman

An Awakened Woman

Knows when it’s time for more self care
She understands her needs and know how to meet them
She sees the value in saying yes to herself
She knows how and when to fill her cup
She says no without fear of rejection

She recognises her potential challenges as they show up and takes action to harness her innate wisdom and strengths to support herself through the tough moments.

She knows herself, what makes her tick, what her unique qualities are and embraces all of who she is.

She is clear on what she wants to do and uses her magic to create and manifest.

She has travelled through the darkness and dug deep into her soul to rise up.

She knows how to advocate for herself in empowered ways.

She sees the light within herself as well as others.

She feels comfortable in her own skin.

She speaks her truth with compassion and authenticity.

She trusts her intuition and wisdom.

She knows she has all she needs within her to create the life she desires.

She has a deep sense of self worth and knows she is worthy of receiving all she asks for.

She loves to empower and support others and does so with joy.

She listens to the voice of her heart.

She knows she has so much value to offer the world.

Are you ready to become an Awakened woman?

My Awaken Program can support you in becoming an Awakened Woman.

Message me for the details and you can be on your way to embodying the Awakened woman within.


The #inspirerbeliever Rut

You have all seen and heard me talking about The Thrive Factor Archetypes.

One of my four Archetypes is the Inspirer Believer and she is my energetic powerhouse.

It is her energy and qualities that inspires the quotes that I create and the one that gets super excited about sharing all that lights me up and loves to support and cheer others on.

It is her influence that allows me to see the good in others and humanity.

She is my creative muse and the reason I so much love to motivate and inspire others.

She is also the one that can quickly lose her mojo and fall into an energetic rut.

With all that has been happening in the world and feeling all of the feels not only for myself but also everyone else’s, the rut and feelings of “meh” have been real.

It’s been heavy, there have been tears and I have had moments of asking “what’s the point.”

Just last week I said to my Thrive Factor Mentor Shannon Dunn “That’s it I’m done, I’m tapping out.”

Which of course is classic Inspirer Believer speak when she has lost her excitement, mojo and inspiration.

I know I’m not the only one.
It has been a common conversation with many of my fellow Inspirer Believer Soul sisters.

Feeling exhausted and completely drained of energy has been the roller coaster of my personal journey throughout ALL of this.

I have swung from wanting to show up, to support and be a guiding light that supports others to sitting on the couch Netflixing and having no motivation or inspiration to do anything.

I have learned to listen to my energetic needs and to take action when feeling energetically inspired and to rest and go within when I’m not.

I have taken time to reflect on ALL that I have achieved and created.

I have taken time to sit and tap into my creativity.

I have been connecting each day to my spiritual team and collective universal consciousness

I have connected daily through meditation to my heart and the Divine has been incredibly powerful in supporting my energy.

Celebrating my strengths and gifts each day has helped to re inspire me.

Listening to inspiring podcasts has also helped to balance and reinvigorate my energy.

A healthy dose of sunshine while it was out also served to lift my energy and raise my spirits.

Remembering that anything is possible has also lifted my soul.

Recognising that it is essential to take care of yourself and your energetic needs will support you in taking care of those you love.

Share what inspires you with others

Listen to the needs of your body and commit to taking the steps necessary to fulfil those needs.

Be inspired by who you are, the difference you make and all that you have achieved thus far.

Trust your intuition she speaks loudly to you.

Ask yourself this today…

What are some of my favourite quotes, sayings, memes and motivations and how can I use them to add more positive energy into my life?