“You are the one who opens the door for another to walk through in their own time”

As healers, coaches, empaths, seekers of truth, lovers of personal growth and development and therapists, it becomes second nature to offer your tools and aid to those in need.
You probably find that people are randomly drawn to you and will openly and almost immediately share with you all that is not working for them in their lives.
Many of them will seek your advice and your help so that they too can live a life that is as aligned as what yours is.
They will be drawn to your light, your sense of wellbeing and all of your “togetherness”.
Many will fail to recognise that all of your togetherness is your commitment to implementing into your life your willingness to change your life in a positive way.
They may never witness your daily spiritual practices of journalling, meditating and commitment to changing your internal negative dialogue for one that supports you and raises your vibration.
They want the quick fix.
They want you to wave a magic wand and to give them the answers that will solve all of their problems at the wave of a hand.
We are so conditioned in society at this time for the quick fix, the magic pill that will change our lives for the better and make everything else that causes unhappiness to go away.
You and I both know that those of you who are the way showers have done the hard yards.
You have walked through the path of darkness in search of a better way, you recognised that the life that you were living was not serving you and you took it upon yourself to find solutions to your problems and you have done and are still doing the daily work.
This is why your light shines so brightly drawing others to you like moths to the flames.
So this message my friend is for you.
It is natural to want to share all that has worked for you with others and that is fantastic.
In these instances that is all that is required of you.
To pass onto to those that the Universe brings to you what you have learned.
Your role in this moment is to open the door – it is then the complete responsibility of the one you are aiding to walk through that door.
There are many reasons why one chooses not to, and that is not your responsibility and in no way reflects your worth or your value.
Many people will for a variety of reasons find comfort, worth, value, status and even their identity in holding onto their pain and their unhappiness.
There will be many who for whatever reason will refuse to believe that they are worthy of love, they will choose to continue to believe that they are unlovable and they will resist any offerings of ways in which they can change this.
There will be those that you offer the tools to create change in their lives that will give the perception that they are doing the work, and are not.
Then there will be those who will turn to you and state that it does not work and that it is all a lie and go back to their old ways and that is ok.
Real change requires a need greater than the comfort that their old patterns of behaviour provides them with.
Real change requires a willingness to see another way and to do whatever is necessary to create lasting change, peace and happiness.
The desire to be well must out weigh their old friend pain and suffering.
You are the light bearer, you are embodying the change that you wish to see in the world and that is your purpose right now.
So continue to do the internal work no matter what, to be the change regardless of what is going on outside of yourself and to open the door when someone comes knocking.
You can lead a horse to water but you cannot force it to drink the water.
You are the water, it is up to those who wish to change to drink the water.
So the next time that you find yourself becoming frustrated or disappointed that someone has not chosen to walk through the door know this:
You have planted the seed within their consciousness of how they can step over the threshold.
You have shone a light on what is not serving them and they now hold the key in their hands.
You have served your purpose in that moment by handing them the tools they require should they choose to take action.
The rest is completely up to them to do what they choose to do with it all.
You just keep on doing your beautiful way shower.
Keep on seeding the light by allowing the light to shine from within you.
Continue with your own daily practices and self healing.
Your alignment and your commitment to living your best life is the greatest healing that you can provide to another.
Go forth and open as many doors as you can and let that fill your heart with joy.