The Alchemical Woman

The Alchemical Woman

Understands that her greatest power is in being herself.

She knows how to navigate this ever-changing world with a sense of clarity, confidence, a focus and a deep sense of her authentic self while remaining grounded in her identity with pride in who she is now and who she is yet to become.

She strives for inner peace about who she is and why she is here.

She has a magical presence and the ability to turn the boring into a joyful experience for herself and others.

Her quest to explore the realms of her own identity, to know who she is and to understand her place in the world can at times feel uncomfortable.

She has an incredible ability to bring to life all that she focuses her attention, thoughts, and feelings on, manifesting is her alchemical superpower.

She is interested in and has a natural curiosity for all things magic, magical, mystical, or mythical and knows in her heart this plays a large role in who she is.

She loves to teach and inspire women in the ways of feminine magic and the Divine feminine, this is the language of her soul and she speaks this fluently to support women who struggle with accepting their feminine power or magic in accessing their feminine gifts.

She recognises the powerful gift she has for transformational healing and is a role model to others.

She has the ability to reinvent herself and can confidently rise to any challenge or situation and like the rising phoenix from the ashes, she can pick herself up and shine.

She is multifaceted and can adapt to any situation with ease and grace, she is the ultimate shapeshifter.

She is ever optimistic and has an infectious exciting view of the world and she loves to share this with others and they are continuously drawn to her for this.

She is a bundle of energy, the light in the dark, a rainbow on a rainy day.

As she accepts and embodies all of who she is she becomes the champion for other women seeking self-understanding.

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