I am sure you have experienced this yourself…

You spend so much time trying so hard to make something happen only to discover that when you let go of controlling the outcome it shows up in the most unexpected way.

I’m all for setting intentions/goals and having dreams.

In fact I spend time most days doing my manifestation work.

I’ll be completely honest
There has been more than one occasion where I have thrown a little tanti and said f*ck it all when nothing seems to happen when I feel or think it should.

What I have experienced on more than one occasion is this.

The moment that I have surrendered and accepted what is (“it is what it is” is one of my fav sayings)
Something magical happens.

The thing that I was hoping for or something better shows up.

You see us ‘wee’ humans can only see what’s available through our lived experience and beliefs.
The lens of who we believe ourselves to be if you like.

You may be trying to create one thing and the Universe knows that this is either not the right time or that you are capable of so much more.

Imagine you wanted to be a glorious 10ft oak tree with giant roots steeped deeply in Mother Earth, and a huge canopy of leaves above you.

This wish goes out to the Universe and she replies with
“But wait dear one, you must first be a seed planted deeply in the Earth, you must then be fed and nurtured by the sun and rain before you can sprout”

The Universe is not saying no, or that you are not worthy of being a glorious oak tree.
She is simply reminding you that you must first experience being a seed before you can reach your full potential.

A different example may be.

You dream of starting something new.
It feels big and exciting and juicy
So you get to work and you create it.
You put all of your heart, soul and your energy into it and then release it out into the big wide world and only a few people find it.

In this example the Universe gave you a vision she knew you were capable of creating.
However because it did feel so big and new, somewhere inside of you there was a voice of doubt, a niggle that maybe it was too big for you.

In this example you were given the time and space to try it on for size so that you could quieten the voice of doubt and know in your heart that you can actually do big things.

What I know for sure is this, when you place your faith and trust in the Universe, let go of the need to control and take action when inspiration comes, everything happens in perfect divine timing.