Discovering the power of your self worth

Your self worth is not defined by the amount of money you have in the bank.
It is not defined by the value of your home.

Your self worth is not defined by the number of clients you have.
It is not defined by your popularity.

Your self worth is not defined by your relationships.
It is not defined by the success of your relationships.

Your self worth is not defined by your perceived level of success.
It is not defined by your achievements.

Your self worth is not defined by the happiness of your children.
It is not defined by the success of your children.

Your self worth is not defined by your fertility or lack thereof.

Your self worth is not defined by your looks.
It is not defined by the clothes you wear.

Your self worth is not defined by the shape of your body.
It is not defined by the number on the scales.

Your self worth is not defined by the judgment of others.
It is not defined by what others think and says about you.

Your self worth is not defined by the number of likes on social media.
It is not defined by the number of views on social media.

Your self worth is not defined by your title.
It is not defined by the position you hold.

Self worth is defined by who you are not what you do.

Your self worth is defined by how you feel about yourself.
It is defined by the value you place upon yourself.

Your self worth is established when you stop comparing yourself to everyone else.
It is built through consistent moments of self compassion.

Your self worth is based on the unique qualities that make you, you.

Your self worth arises when you begin to understand and appreciate your own feelings, thoughts, desires and values.

Your self worth increases when you practice self compassion.

It is strengthened when you treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding that you would treat your closest friend with.

Your self worth appears when shifting your attitude from self criticism to being open, curious, accepting and loving toward yourself and your experiences.

Self worth is a muscle that can be developed by regularly…

Acknowledging and noticing your suffering.

Being kind and caring in response to that suffering.

Remembering that imperfection is part of the human experience and something we all share in our collective life journey.

Self worth can be nurtured by adding meaning to your life, such as taking part in activities that are important to you.

Helping others who are experiencing hardship.

Generosity through random acts of kindness or paying it forward.

Joining a community organisation, church, or alternative faith can support your sense of self worth.

Actively connecting to your higher power whatever that may be increases your feelings of self worth.

Living your life in alignment with your personal values and integrity increases your feelings of self worth.

Investing time in actives that are meaningful to you and in alignment with your personal beliefs builds healthy self worth.

When your words and actions match your personal values and belief systems your self worth becomes anchored strong and healthy in its foundations.

Challenging your inner critic often will support you in building a healthy and supportive feeling of self worth.

Stopping and asking yourself “Is this really true”

Am I placing my value and feeling of self worth on something or someone outside of myself?

Are these thoughts kind and respectful of who I am?

Would I speak this way about someone I love?

When you place your value and your worth on things and people outside of yourself, your sense of worth is no longer in your hands.

I can see now how my Thrive Factor Archetypes and especially the Advocate Rescuer have heavily influenced these feelings and beliefs throughout my life.

I had unknowingly placed all of my sense of value and worth on how I perceived others viewed and accepted me.

I am wired to help others and my innate desire to help often led to feelings of rejection when that help wasn’t received in the way it was intended. Further diminishing my sense of self worth.

I did not have the foresight at that time in my life to recognise that my inability to set healthy boundaries led me to co-dependent relationships which only served to further lessen my sense of self worth.

Trying to find my place in the world and discover my own identity has been greatly influenced by my Shapeshifter Alchemist Archetype, I am very good at adapting to any situation or group of people.

This has served me very well and it has also disempowered me.

My desire to “fit in” and be accepted more often than not left me feeling lost, confused and completely unsure of who I was, in trying so hard to be what I thought everyone else wanted or needed me to be I hid myself away, I felt completely invisible, and I certainly did not share my beliefs or my sense of magic with the world around me.

None of which supported me in developing a healthy sense of self worth.

It took a complete breakdown physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for me to finally see my own worth.

Like the phoenix rising out of the ashes I began to rebuild my sense of self.

My whole sense of self was dismantled and gently put back together from the moment that I decided that my self worth and value could only come from within.

I can see now that my Advocate Rescuer Archetype was instrumental in this, her greatest gift is self love and self compassion, and this was the first step of many on my healing journey.

The next step for me was embodying and living my life through my spiritual beliefs.

I set in place daily spiritual practices which invoked the influence and support of my Shapeshifter Alchemist Archetype and through this, I began to experience the magic and joy of life.

I have always been able to see the light in others yet struggled to see this same light within myself. It came naturally to me to raise others up and hold a mirror to their best so that they could believe in themselves, yet could not do the same for myself.

As I gained the strength and the courage to live my life in alignment with my own personal values and integrity, I awakened the gifts of my Inspirer Believer Archetype.

I began to believe in myself, I reconnected with my inner wisdom and intuition and learned to trust this above all else and I stopped relying on others for my sense of self, value and worth.

As I began advocating for myself it became easier to set boundaries, I learned to say no with love and without fear of losing anyone or anything.

Embracing my natural intuitive healing and spiritual gifts and revealing that side of myself to the world awakened within me a burning desire to share my experiences and all that I was learning with others in the hope that what I was healing within myself would support others in healing themselves.

This desire and intuitive nudge to share what I had discovered on my journey to self love and self worth allowed my Mentor Teacher Archetype to step up and support me in empowering others.

Her greatest strengths lie in teaching all that she has learned and trusting the wisdom she has gained from her life experiences as well as her own intuition.

It wasn’t long before I began teaching reiki, holding meditation circles, mentoring women in spiritual development and teaching all that I myself was learning along the way.

This journey was not always an easy one for me and at times was downright terrifying.

The fear of losing my friends and my loved ones plagued me many times as I continued to step more into my own power and self worth.

What I discovered however was that the more that I was able to love, honour and value myself the more valued I felt by those around me.

This has well and truly been a labour of love for me as I have committed to living my life in a way that supports my sense and feeling of self worth.

Nurturing a healthy relationship with myself and now my archetypes has provided me with many gifts in my personal life, my relationships and in my business.

Self worth comes from within, it comes from embracing and accepting your own unique strengths and qualities, it comes from treating yourself with the same kindness and compassion you give to others, it comes from saying yes to you, it comes from taking care of your needs and believing in yourself.

I am so looking forward to supporting you to meet your self worth and your Thrive Factor Archetypes as your Thrive Factor Coach.

Love always

Kerryn x