The birthing of the Inspired Spiritual Alchemist

I was asked recently by a client why and how I came to call myself the Inspired Spiritual Alchemist.

This has been an evolution for me over the last few years.
My spirituality for as long as I can remember has been steeped in the belief in a divine loving presence, a connection to something greater than myself, a powerful presence that I always felt knew me, saw me and loved me.

There was a period in my life when my lifestyle choices led me away from this connection, it was not a healthy or pleasant time let me tell you.
The feeling of separation and disconnect from myself and the world around me was painful, and as I look back now, I see it as a time of a spiritual crisis.
Living my life so far out of alignment with my natural nature and values created a great deal of suffering emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Years of trying to be something that everyone else wanted me to be led to an identity crisis, I could not find myself, who I was or what I wanted in my life.
Well, actually deep down I did know what I wanted, I just didn’t have the strength, courage or belief in myself to ask for it or make the changes I knew I needed to make.

My life changed dramatically and for the better when I hit rock bottom.
In my lowest moment of grief, pain and suffering, I reached out to the presence of the Divine/Universe and asked to be saved from myself.

It was like something flicked a switch inside of me, the light turned back on and I knew exactly what it was that I needed to do to heal myself.
I surrendered completely to the will of the Divine and followed every intuitive message I received without doubt, without question.

This is when the real magic began to show up in my life, so many incredible moments of divine intervention that I witnessed both externally and in my inner world.

And so began the journey to self love, self forgiveness and self acceptance.

I made a promise to the Universe, that if it helped me to save me from myself and change my life for the better, I would never again stray from the path I was born to walk.

So I embraced my natural intuitive abilities and stopped hiding them from the world.
I reconnected to the healer within me, I no longer shut my empathic heart off from the world and I started to put my own needs first before others.

I am proud to say that I have never looked back and my connection to my intuition and source consciousness has never been stronger.

Several years ago now I was introduced to my Thrive Factor Archetypes, they are the Shapeshifter Alchemist, Inspirer Believer, Mentor Teacher and Advocate Rescuer.

I can see now how each of these Archetypes has played out throughout my life both in their shadow and in their strengths.

It has been through embodying the gifts, strengths and power of each of these Archetypes that I have further evolved even more deeply into the magical, compassionate, inspiring mentor, guide and leader that I was born to be.

I trust in myself, the divine and all aspects of these archetypes to work with me and through me in all that I do and in all that I am.

For the first time in my life, I feel whole and I very much love, appreciate and value the wise woman I have become, and this led to the name Inspired Spiritual Alchemist.

I was the phoenix that rose from the ashes and completely transformed herself.

The Alchemical Woman

The Alchemical Woman

Understands that her greatest power is in being herself.

She knows how to navigate this ever-changing world with a sense of clarity, confidence, a focus and a deep sense of her authentic self while remaining grounded in her identity with pride in who she is now and who she is yet to become.

She strives for inner peace about who she is and why she is here.

She has a magical presence and the ability to turn the boring into a joyful experience for herself and others.

Her quest to explore the realms of her own identity, to know who she is and to understand her place in the world can at times feel uncomfortable.

She has an incredible ability to bring to life all that she focuses her attention, thoughts, and feelings on, manifesting is her alchemical superpower.

She is interested in and has a natural curiosity for all things magic, magical, mystical, or mythical and knows in her heart this plays a large role in who she is.

She loves to teach and inspire women in the ways of feminine magic and the Divine feminine, this is the language of her soul and she speaks this fluently to support women who struggle with accepting their feminine power or magic in accessing their feminine gifts.

She recognises the powerful gift she has for transformational healing and is a role model to others.

She has the ability to reinvent herself and can confidently rise to any challenge or situation and like the rising phoenix from the ashes, she can pick herself up and shine.

She is multifaceted and can adapt to any situation with ease and grace, she is the ultimate shapeshifter.

She is ever optimistic and has an infectious exciting view of the world and she loves to share this with others and they are continuously drawn to her for this.

She is a bundle of energy, the light in the dark, a rainbow on a rainy day.

As she accepts and embodies all of who she is she becomes the champion for other women seeking self-understanding.

Enrolments are now open for my Awaken program, if you are ready to explore, discover and embody the Divine feminine gifts within then reach out today to get yourself enrolled.


Embodying all that you are

I have been doing some reflection the last week or so.

I have been thinking about the personal growth that I have undergone in the last 18 months and it’s been big.

I have also been contemplating what it means to be an Awakened Woman and what the embodiment of that looks and feels like.

At the beginning of 2020, I was in paradise (Fiji) with an amazing group of women from around the globe as a facilitator for the first UGWA International Retreat.

The lead up to this felt intense, scary even as this was yet another level of stepping out of my comfort zone, I could feel intuitively the expansion in this and the uplevelling that was about to occur, and I leaned into this with trust in the Universe and deep faith in myself.

I knew in my heart that all that I had learned and all of my lived experiences had been leading me to this very moment.

It felt SO right for me to be here in this space with all of these glorious women and I KNEW on a soul level that I was exactly where I was meant to be and that I was worthy of all of it.

I felt expanded, empowered, and completely at ease with who I was and all I had to offer those I was destined to meet.

I felt no better or no less than anyone, I was simply at ease with myself and everything around me, my heart was so full of love and gratitude and I felt completely at one with the flow of life and had complete trust in the guidance of the Universe.

My first meeting of Elizabeth Gilbert felt so surreal, she was much taller than I thought she would be, and she did not just walk, to me she appeared to glide like an ethereal goddess, and we hugged as we met despite the excessive amount of sweat pouring off me from the humidity and heat.

This moment in itself filled me with so much joy and I thought to myself “well if that is the only interaction that I am blessed to have with her it will be enough to last me a lifetime” little did I know it was just the beginning of so many more.

After dinner on the first evening as I was walking toward her table with my heart so full of gratitude, she looked at me and put her arms out above her with a huge smile on her face, so I walked right on over to her and hugged her yet again.

As I hugged her I gushed into her ear, “I promised myself that I was going to totally cool and not gush all over you but fuck it, I can’t help it, I love your work and everything about you, I’m so grateful to meet you” she laughed and said it’s perfectly ok and I love that you did anyway.

I walked away floating on a cloud of bliss and joy and as I was sharing this moment with one of my fellow sisters she came around the corner where I laughingly told her how I was yet again gushing about her and asked if it was ok to have a selfie with her.

She replied with a laugh and said yes absolutely you can have as many as you like with me.



My friends this was Day 1 of many more moments like these with her throughout this magical week.

She was real, she was open, she was generous, she was honest and vulnerable, she was accessible and she taught me what it meant to be a relaxed woman.

The most magical experience with her however was when I had the opportunity to give her a healing treatment.

I will admit that I was nervous about this, there were thoughts of what if she doesn’t like it, what if she doesn’t have a good experience what if, what if, what if, blah blah blah.

So I took a breath, aligned myself to my heart and the love of the Divine, shifted my focus from myself, and instead placed myself in the hands of the Divine and trusted that all was as it should be.

The moment I tuned into Universal life force energy and the Angelic Realm she was no longer “Liz Gilbert” and I was no longer “me”, we were simply two souls meeting in that moment wrapped in the unconditional love of the Universe.

During the session, I received a message for her, and I seriously considered not passing this on to her, her story is publicly known and she had shared much with us throughout the week and I just did not want to be seen as taking advantage or have the love and integrity of the message doubted.

Again I was asked to trust, and as I always trust the guidance I am given I took a deep breath and asked her if she was open to receiving the message I had received for her.

To this she said yes, so with my faith and trust placed fully in the Divine and love in my heart, I shared it with her.

She looked into my eyes with tears in hers, she placed her hand on my face and whispered to me that I was an Angel, that she loved me, she said thank you, that message is absolutely perfect and the same that I received myself this morning in my journaling. Thank you this was exactly what I needed to hear.

I’m sharing this story with you not to big note myself or say how awesome I am.

I am simply sharing this with you because, on my reflection of what it means to embody being an Awakened Woman, I know in my heart that if I had not embodied the belief in myself,
If I had not trusted fully in my own intuition, wisdom, gifts, and strengths,
If I had not had faith in myself and the Divine,
If I had not felt so, at home within myself and all that I am, none of this would have been able to happen.

An Awakened Woman trusts herself and her innate wisdom

She is brave
She is confident
She is compassionate with herself and others
She says yes to herself and life
She is resilient
She is resourceful
She believes in herself
She knows how to ask for what she wants
She is clear about who she is
She celebrates all that she is

If you are ready to embody what it means to be an Awakened Woman then I invite you to join me in my Awaken Program.

Much love

The Power of an Inspired Woman

The Inspired Woman
Recognises how essential it is that she takes care of herself so she can take care of others.

She understands how important this is and commits fully to herself.

Her integrity is high and she is largely guided by this in all areas of her life.
She genuinely leads by example

She has been told often that she is inspirational however her gentle humility in this can often prevent her from seeing how truly inspiring she is to others.

She is passionate about all that she believes in and excitedly shares this with others.

She believes deeply in humanities collective ability to heal itself

She is powerfully motivated to do and be her best and loves to encourage others to do the same.

She is genuinely accepting and supportive of others and effortlessly shines a light on their brilliance.

She is deeply connected to her emotions and profoundly understands others and helps them to express their emotions in positive and healthy ways.
She does this by leading by example and in doing so empowers others.

She is tapped into her natural creativity and intuition which creates balance and harmony in her life and in the lives of those she inspires, amplifying her superpower of inspirational qualities.

Are you ready to embody the Inspired Woman within?

If so my Awaken Program can support you in embodying the inspired woman within.


An Awakened Woman

An Awakened Woman

Knows when it’s time for more self care
She understands her needs and know how to meet them
She sees the value in saying yes to herself
She knows how and when to fill her cup
She says no without fear of rejection

She recognises her potential challenges as they show up and takes action to harness her innate wisdom and strengths to support herself through the tough moments.

She knows herself, what makes her tick, what her unique qualities are and embraces all of who she is.

She is clear on what she wants to do and uses her magic to create and manifest.

She has travelled through the darkness and dug deep into her soul to rise up.

She knows how to advocate for herself in empowered ways.

She sees the light within herself as well as others.

She feels comfortable in her own skin.

She speaks her truth with compassion and authenticity.

She trusts her intuition and wisdom.

She knows she has all she needs within her to create the life she desires.

She has a deep sense of self worth and knows she is worthy of receiving all she asks for.

She loves to empower and support others and does so with joy.

She listens to the voice of her heart.

She knows she has so much value to offer the world.

Are you ready to become an Awakened woman?

My Awaken Program can support you in becoming an Awakened Woman.

Message me for the details and you can be on your way to embodying the Awakened woman within.


The #inspirerbeliever Rut

You have all seen and heard me talking about The Thrive Factor Archetypes.

One of my four Archetypes is the Inspirer Believer and she is my energetic powerhouse.

It is her energy and qualities that inspires the quotes that I create and the one that gets super excited about sharing all that lights me up and loves to support and cheer others on.

It is her influence that allows me to see the good in others and humanity.

She is my creative muse and the reason I so much love to motivate and inspire others.

She is also the one that can quickly lose her mojo and fall into an energetic rut.

With all that has been happening in the world and feeling all of the feels not only for myself but also everyone else’s, the rut and feelings of “meh” have been real.

It’s been heavy, there have been tears and I have had moments of asking “what’s the point.”

Just last week I said to my Thrive Factor Mentor Shannon Dunn “That’s it I’m done, I’m tapping out.”

Which of course is classic Inspirer Believer speak when she has lost her excitement, mojo and inspiration.

I know I’m not the only one.
It has been a common conversation with many of my fellow Inspirer Believer Soul sisters.

Feeling exhausted and completely drained of energy has been the roller coaster of my personal journey throughout ALL of this.

I have swung from wanting to show up, to support and be a guiding light that supports others to sitting on the couch Netflixing and having no motivation or inspiration to do anything.

I have learned to listen to my energetic needs and to take action when feeling energetically inspired and to rest and go within when I’m not.

I have taken time to reflect on ALL that I have achieved and created.

I have taken time to sit and tap into my creativity.

I have been connecting each day to my spiritual team and collective universal consciousness

I have connected daily through meditation to my heart and the Divine has been incredibly powerful in supporting my energy.

Celebrating my strengths and gifts each day has helped to re inspire me.

Listening to inspiring podcasts has also helped to balance and reinvigorate my energy.

A healthy dose of sunshine while it was out also served to lift my energy and raise my spirits.

Remembering that anything is possible has also lifted my soul.

Recognising that it is essential to take care of yourself and your energetic needs will support you in taking care of those you love.

Share what inspires you with others

Listen to the needs of your body and commit to taking the steps necessary to fulfil those needs.

Be inspired by who you are, the difference you make and all that you have achieved thus far.

Trust your intuition she speaks loudly to you.

Ask yourself this today…

What are some of my favourite quotes, sayings, memes and motivations and how can I use them to add more positive energy into my life?


Discovering the power of your self worth

Your self worth is not defined by the amount of money you have in the bank.
It is not defined by the value of your home.

Your self worth is not defined by the number of clients you have.
It is not defined by your popularity.

Your self worth is not defined by your relationships.
It is not defined by the success of your relationships.

Your self worth is not defined by your perceived level of success.
It is not defined by your achievements.

Your self worth is not defined by the happiness of your children.
It is not defined by the success of your children.

Your self worth is not defined by your fertility or lack thereof.

Your self worth is not defined by your looks.
It is not defined by the clothes you wear.

Your self worth is not defined by the shape of your body.
It is not defined by the number on the scales.

Your self worth is not defined by the judgment of others.
It is not defined by what others think and says about you.

Your self worth is not defined by the number of likes on social media.
It is not defined by the number of views on social media.

Your self worth is not defined by your title.
It is not defined by the position you hold.

Self worth is defined by who you are not what you do.

Your self worth is defined by how you feel about yourself.
It is defined by the value you place upon yourself.

Your self worth is established when you stop comparing yourself to everyone else.
It is built through consistent moments of self compassion.

Your self worth is based on the unique qualities that make you, you.

Your self worth arises when you begin to understand and appreciate your own feelings, thoughts, desires and values.

Your self worth increases when you practice self compassion.

It is strengthened when you treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding that you would treat your closest friend with.

Your self worth appears when shifting your attitude from self criticism to being open, curious, accepting and loving toward yourself and your experiences.

Self worth is a muscle that can be developed by regularly…

Acknowledging and noticing your suffering.

Being kind and caring in response to that suffering.

Remembering that imperfection is part of the human experience and something we all share in our collective life journey.

Self worth can be nurtured by adding meaning to your life, such as taking part in activities that are important to you.

Helping others who are experiencing hardship.

Generosity through random acts of kindness or paying it forward.

Joining a community organisation, church, or alternative faith can support your sense of self worth.

Actively connecting to your higher power whatever that may be increases your feelings of self worth.

Living your life in alignment with your personal values and integrity increases your feelings of self worth.

Investing time in actives that are meaningful to you and in alignment with your personal beliefs builds healthy self worth.

When your words and actions match your personal values and belief systems your self worth becomes anchored strong and healthy in its foundations.

Challenging your inner critic often will support you in building a healthy and supportive feeling of self worth.

Stopping and asking yourself “Is this really true”

Am I placing my value and feeling of self worth on something or someone outside of myself?

Are these thoughts kind and respectful of who I am?

Would I speak this way about someone I love?

When you place your value and your worth on things and people outside of yourself, your sense of worth is no longer in your hands.

I can see now how my Thrive Factor Archetypes and especially the Advocate Rescuer have heavily influenced these feelings and beliefs throughout my life.

I had unknowingly placed all of my sense of value and worth on how I perceived others viewed and accepted me.

I am wired to help others and my innate desire to help often led to feelings of rejection when that help wasn’t received in the way it was intended. Further diminishing my sense of self worth.

I did not have the foresight at that time in my life to recognise that my inability to set healthy boundaries led me to co-dependent relationships which only served to further lessen my sense of self worth.

Trying to find my place in the world and discover my own identity has been greatly influenced by my Shapeshifter Alchemist Archetype, I am very good at adapting to any situation or group of people.

This has served me very well and it has also disempowered me.

My desire to “fit in” and be accepted more often than not left me feeling lost, confused and completely unsure of who I was, in trying so hard to be what I thought everyone else wanted or needed me to be I hid myself away, I felt completely invisible, and I certainly did not share my beliefs or my sense of magic with the world around me.

None of which supported me in developing a healthy sense of self worth.

It took a complete breakdown physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for me to finally see my own worth.

Like the phoenix rising out of the ashes I began to rebuild my sense of self.

My whole sense of self was dismantled and gently put back together from the moment that I decided that my self worth and value could only come from within.

I can see now that my Advocate Rescuer Archetype was instrumental in this, her greatest gift is self love and self compassion, and this was the first step of many on my healing journey.

The next step for me was embodying and living my life through my spiritual beliefs.

I set in place daily spiritual practices which invoked the influence and support of my Shapeshifter Alchemist Archetype and through this, I began to experience the magic and joy of life.

I have always been able to see the light in others yet struggled to see this same light within myself. It came naturally to me to raise others up and hold a mirror to their best so that they could believe in themselves, yet could not do the same for myself.

As I gained the strength and the courage to live my life in alignment with my own personal values and integrity, I awakened the gifts of my Inspirer Believer Archetype.

I began to believe in myself, I reconnected with my inner wisdom and intuition and learned to trust this above all else and I stopped relying on others for my sense of self, value and worth.

As I began advocating for myself it became easier to set boundaries, I learned to say no with love and without fear of losing anyone or anything.

Embracing my natural intuitive healing and spiritual gifts and revealing that side of myself to the world awakened within me a burning desire to share my experiences and all that I was learning with others in the hope that what I was healing within myself would support others in healing themselves.

This desire and intuitive nudge to share what I had discovered on my journey to self love and self worth allowed my Mentor Teacher Archetype to step up and support me in empowering others.

Her greatest strengths lie in teaching all that she has learned and trusting the wisdom she has gained from her life experiences as well as her own intuition.

It wasn’t long before I began teaching reiki, holding meditation circles, mentoring women in spiritual development and teaching all that I myself was learning along the way.

This journey was not always an easy one for me and at times was downright terrifying.

The fear of losing my friends and my loved ones plagued me many times as I continued to step more into my own power and self worth.

What I discovered however was that the more that I was able to love, honour and value myself the more valued I felt by those around me.

This has well and truly been a labour of love for me as I have committed to living my life in a way that supports my sense and feeling of self worth.

Nurturing a healthy relationship with myself and now my archetypes has provided me with many gifts in my personal life, my relationships and in my business.

Self worth comes from within, it comes from embracing and accepting your own unique strengths and qualities, it comes from treating yourself with the same kindness and compassion you give to others, it comes from saying yes to you, it comes from taking care of your needs and believing in yourself.

I am so looking forward to supporting you to meet your self worth and your Thrive Factor Archetypes as your Thrive Factor Coach.

Love always

Kerryn x



You can change your life

For the longest time my words, thinking and vocabulary sounded like this:

I can’t do this
I’m not good enough
I don’t want to be here
No one gets me
No one understands me
I’m not lovable
You’re such an idiot
I’m not smart enough
I don’t know enough
No one sees me
No one hears me
I don’t matter
I disliked my body
It’s not fair
Money is the root of all evil
No one values me
I’m a shit mum

I physically could not say no to anyone for fear that they would judge me, reject me, or stop loving me.

The thought of speaking my truth was terrifying, it would literally feel as though a vice was around my throat whenever I attempted to share my feelings or speak up for myself and to ask for what I wanted or needed.

For many years I believed that I deserved the shitty situations and relationships that I found myself in, I believed on some level that there was a “reason” that I was in this situation, that it was part of my divine plan and I was “meant” to be there for a higher purpose.

Little did I know that the “reason” and purpose for those situations was so that I had the opportunity to choose a different belief, to actually say hang on a minute “I deserve better than this” I could choose to leave, choose a different path and say enough is enough.

There were moments in time when I finally found the courage to do and say those things only to find myself in repeating patterns and situations.

They say “better late than never” and my turning point didn’t occur until I was in my 40’s.

And what a turning point that was.

It was my big “wake up” call and kick up the ass from the Universe that YES enough was enough and things had to change and change radically.

It began with the seeds of I can’t keep doing this.

A knowing deep in my body that there must be a better way.

An intuitive nudge that my life did not have to continue the way that it was.

So I began asking the Universe to help me help myself, to show me the way, to give me a sign and give me the strength and the courage to make the changes I knew I needed to make.

In the beginning, it was terrifying.

What if people judged and criticised me
What if I was persecuted (metaphorically)
What if people left me
What if I left people
What if others stopped loving me
Who would I be if I changed
What would that look like
What would that feel like
What if, what if, what if ……………………

So my words, thinking and vocabulary started to shift to ths:

I can do this
I am enough
I deserve to be here
I get me
I understand who I am
I am lovable
I am intelligent
I am wise
I know all that I need to know
I see me
I hear me
I matter
I love and approve of myself
The Universe has my back
Everything is always working out for me
I am abundant in every way
My body supports me in every way
I am valued and valuable
I am the best mum I know how to be

AND I began to speak my intuitive wisdom, I began to set healthy boundaries and not move the goal post.

I began to say this is what I need to do, and you can choose to support me or not, either way this is what I need to do.

I developed a healthy and loving relationship with myself.

I did lose people and situations.

I left a job, a soul destroying job and started doing the work that I LOVE most in the world, teaching meditation, healing, readings and coaching.

The toxic people in my life left and drifted away making way for new healthy and aligned souls to arrive.

The relationships with the people who belonged in my life strengthened and deepened.

This was not an overnight change.

I made a commitment to myself to change, to accept myself, to love myself and to forgive myself.

I promised myself that I would do whatever I needed to do every day to create healthy and positive change in my life.

I made myself, my emotional wellbeing, my spiritual wellbeing, and my health my first and only priority.

The ripple effect of that was huge and far reaching, not only did I create healthy change in me, it also had a positive effect on everyone around me.

This is what it means to “Awaken” and this is possible for you also.

So much love

Own It

Ok, I’m a little frustrated. 

I don’t know how many times of late that I have heard strong, empowered and aligned women say it’s not “woo woo” or I don’t want to get too “woo woo”. 

We all need to stop saying woo woo as a way to justify the intuitive understanding and connection with life that is our natural state of being. 

I don’t think that the American Indians referred to their connection to the spirit of all living things as woo woo. 

I doubt very much that our Pagan sisters referred to their deep connection to the Earth, the moon and the cycles of life as woo woo. 

Woo woo to me is a very patriarchal term that has been created to discredit women who connected to and listened to their intuition, nature and the God/Goddess. 

It is our natural state of being to be intuitive, to listen to the voice of your heart, to hear the song of your soul and understand the natural order of life as we live it in this cosmos. 

Astrology is a science that has been used for 2400 years this is not woo woo it’s science, the planets in our solar system have a direct influence on us as human beings. 

The moon has a direct link to the tides of the oceans – this is not woo woo it is proven scientific fact, we as humans have the same content of water in our bodies as the oceans that cover our planet. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that if the moon affects the body of water that covers the planet then it must have a similar effect on us.

Women cycle every month this is no coincidence and certainly not woo woo. 

It is not woo woo that everything in the universe is connected this has been long proven by science. 

During World War II government agencies used psychics to remotely view what was happening across enemy lines, this was not deemed woo woo it was a proven science. 

Science has also recorded the sound of plants, a living sound frequency, it interprets the frequency emitted by the plants and translates it into music. 

Sound has been used for thousands of years as a healing tool this is not woo woo. 

Jesus healed the sick and this was deemed a miracle not woo woo. 

Dr Jo Dispenza has scientifically proved through thousands of live studies that illness can go into remission over the course of a week of deep meditation.  This has not been called woo woo, it is science. 

Your ability to receive the intuitive messages of your heart and your body is not woo woo it is your birthright. 

Law of attraction is not woo woo its science – quantum physics to be exact. 

When two scientists on different sides of the globe can come up with the exact same scientific outcome at the same time and neither knew what the other was working on this was not called woo woo it was called science. 

Reiki Healing is used in hospitals in Japan, the UK and the USA and has been for years.  

The Japanese prescribe tree therapy to workers who are suffering from mental health. 

Indigenous cultures celebrate their young who see and hear spirit, they are mentored by the medicine men and women, shamans of their communities and celebrated for the healers, seers and medicine men and women they will become, not medicated and institutionalised. 

The Chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas.

Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.” Albert Einstein 

This quote from Albert Einstein one of the greatest scientific minds that ever walked the planet. 

If you feel connected to the vibrational frequency of the planet own it. 

If you are deeply empathic to the feelings of others own it.

If you know intuitively what is going on with others own it.

If you feel the presence of your loved ones in spirit own it.

If you feel a connection to a divine loving presence own it.

If you trust your gut feelings, vibes, hunches, intuition own it.

If you follow your heart’s guidance and not your head own it.

If you know shit and don’t know how you know it own it.

We have been told for centuries that we can only be what we are told by religious organisations and governments what is acceptable to be. 

Free thinking, free thought, free speech is not encouraged.

Conform and control is what has been used to diminish our light for far too long. 

Tall poppy syndrome, too confident, too strong, too loud, too different are words that need to be scrapped from our vocabularies. 

We are coming full circle, we are on the path to remembering that we are divine beings living a human experience. 

This is not a new concept, healing methods were used long before traditional medicine was created. 

People were living in harmony with the lands, nature, the seasons from the beginning of human life. 

You are not woo woo if you believe in a higher power, appreciate nature, feel emotions, see the beauty of life and people or believe that peace and harmony with all beings are achievable. 

This I believe is exactly how it should be and was always supposed to be. 

So next time you feel the need to justify yourself, your thoughts or beliefs by calling it woo woo, 

STOP, take a breath and own it.

Holding Bay

The last few months for me have been a strange journey.

Last year I focused a lot of time and energy on learning as a way to cope with the emotions of being isolated from my family and my husband.

From that, I became a certified Thrive Factor Profiler, Theta Practitioner and birthed my signature program ‘Awaken’.

This felt very exciting and there was a lot of momentum moving into the beginning of this year.

Then everything stood still.
It’s a strange sensation and I may not fully articulate what this has been like.

The words that I used were “I feel like I’m in a holding bay”.

Anytime that I would try to create or look forward I would get a full body “no” as though hands were placed on my shoulders telling me not yet, stand still, be patient.

This has at times been confusing, frustrating.

In fact, I have questioned my purpose on more than one occasion the last few months.

This has not been a comfortable space for me to be in and my only option has been to surrender and trust my intuition and the guidance of the Universe.

I decided around the same time to shift my focus then on what I needed and how I could best nurture myself.

From that, I was guided to dive into the Divine feminine Goddesses by connecting with a beautiful group of women.

This is supporting me in connecting to my femininity on a much deeper and more profound level.

What I have realised these last few days is that I am once I again going through another spiritual shift or awakening on a deep cellular level.

I am in a chrysalis and I can feel that a huge shift is about to take place.

I don’t know what that looks like I just know and trust that whatever emerges is perfect for where I am at this stage of my personal and spiritual growth.

A large aspect of that is embracing more of my femininity.

I was reminded a few days ago of my early years.
I developed large breasts at a very young age.
I was one of the first girls in grade 6 to wear a bra.
My experience of this was not great, I remember that the boys would chase me around the playground at lunch time just so they could flick my bra strap.
I was terrified, ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated.
My desire to go through this phase quietly and privately did not happen.

In my teens and early adult years my experiences were even more uncomfortable as boys and men alike would stare at my breasts, to the point that they would not even speak to my face, they spoke to my boobs.
At times I felt violated, ashamed, angry, and unsafe.

So I began to dress in clothes to try and hide them. 

Eventually, I chose to have them reduced.

The reason that I am sharing this is that I learned or decided from a very young age that being feminine was something that I had to hide in order to be and feel safe.

No matter where you are on your spiritual path there will always be deeper levels of healing and growth that takes place.

My journey in peeling back the layers for healing to take place always reveals greater opportunity for further self love and self acceptance.
This has certainly been the case for me for the last 7 years.

So now I find myself going even deeper into this.

My introduction into the gorgeous 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes last year I feel was the beginning of this, each of them holding within them beautiful aspects of the Divine Feminine, goddesses in their own right.

Theta healing for me has been another step towards this as I continue to release blocks, fears and beliefs from this life, past lives and all I have carried with me ancestrally and genetically.

Supporting the gorgeous women who are working through my Awaken program has been another step of the metamorphosis.

Fully embracing, embodying and working with the Divine feminine Goddess consciousness feels to me to be the final piece of the puzzle in this cycle of change and transformation that I am currently experiencing.

So, wherever you are right now please know that you are not alone.

Growth, change and letting go of the old can feel uncertain, scary and at times frustrating.

What I do know and trust for sure is this.

While it may not seem clear to you in this moment, you will reach a place where it all makes sense.

When it does you will realise that it has all been for your highest good to support you in emerging into the version of yourself you are meant to be.

In Love and Gratitude