The Power of Ritual and Intention

While on retreat recently in Bali I was incredibly blessed to have been guided through a water purification ceremony by a local priestess and her team, which just happened to be the day after the celebration day of the Goddess Saraswati.

To say that it was powerful is a complete understatement 

I found myself being the first person in the group to do this and as I was standing there I had so many BS thoughts running through my head.

What if I don’t do it right

What if I dishonour the goddess Saraswati and the priestesses by getting it wrong 

What if I cry 

What if I fall 

Blah blah blah blah 

All of which was my ego mind having a freak out 

I held in my heart and my mind all that I wanted to release 

The stress of the last 8 months 

The grief, pain and suffering of the unexpected loss of both of my parents 

My anger at the unfairness of it all 

All of my fears 

I asked for forgiveness for myself and others 

I surrendered to the Divine all of my dreams, desires and uncertainties of what the furture holds.

 I surrendered myself to the wisdom, love and healing of the Divine

I said the invocations, I followed the directions of the ritual, took a breath and put my head under the water, 

The intensity of the energy and the flow of the water instantly took my breath away as I allowed myself to be cleansed and to purge all that I no longer wanted to hold onto

I surrendered to the Divine all of my dreams, desires and uncertainties of what the future holds.

 I surrendered myself to the wisdom, love and healing of the Divine


This process was repeated over and over, in fact, I think there were 10 fountains in total and each time was more powerful than the last, with each invocation of the ritual I felt myself getting lighter and freer than I had in a very long time. 

I literally felt everything being cleansed and washed away, while at the same time, I felt the healing and unconditional love of Divine presence flowing into me on all levels, my heart, my mind, my cells, my soul

It was so incredibly liberating and I still find it difficult as I reflect on this to find the words that appropriately or adequately describe the power of this ritual. 

I have often experienced a deep sense of release and healing when submerging myself into the ocean

The differences here were amplified by 

I was surrounded and immersed in the healing magic of Mumma Bali
I was with a group of beautiful souls and I felt safe and supported 
We were in the very professional hands of the priestess and her team
We were led through several rituals and invocations before we entered the water

At each water fountain, we completed an invocation and ritual before submerging ourselves in the water and each time it was intensified by the infusion of the intentions we held in our hearts 

The magic, the intentions, the invocations, the ritual and the energy of it all healed my heart and soul on so many levels 

I am forever grateful to have had this opportunity
I was so blessed to have had so many incredible healing and heart warming and expansive experiences while on retreat in Bali

When you immerse yourself in an experience such as a retreat
magic truly does happen and these are just some of the many reasons why I love attending and facilitating retreats so much.

The Divine works with us and through us in miraculous ways, and I trust that as I continue to integrate all of the gifts and healing I received while in Bali, the Divine presence of All That Is will continue to guide me in the ways it would have me serve her and those she sends my way

I have so much gratitude for the experiences I had while on retreat in Bali

I had felt intuitively in my heart that my time there would be one of deep healing and it far exceeded my expectations. Bali will forever remain in my heart and I know that I will return there again and again.