Are you answering your Lightworker Call?

Are you answering your Lightworker call?

I am sure that you have heard this term over and over again, we have become as familiar with the term Lightworker as we have Empath. 

How awesome is that, how amazing is it that we can actually speak those words aloud and have a normal human conversation about what it might mean without fear of being ostracised from our communities.

In 1991 I entered a very unknown cute little blue building that was called a Spiritualist Church, imagine telling my very Catholic family about this, understandably everyone thought that it was some form of a cult.

It wasn’t though, I will admit that I was scared and had absolutely no idea what on earth it was all about I just knew that I was meant to be there. 

It was actually the first place that I had ever entered in my life where I felt loved and accepted for who I was.

It was a place where all of the weirdness of me, all of my unusual traits, feelings, thoughts and imaginings were actually completely accepted and celebrated. 

This was my first step in answering the call to something greater that I could feel coursing through my veins, my belly and my heart.

For most of my life I had felt a push from within that there was something more out there that I needed to understand, it was a constant yearning that I was supposed to be doing “something”

It was an unexplainable sense that there was an essence of something within me that needed to be expressed yet I hadn’t been able to figure out how, when, what or even why.

My Psychic Mediumship Development through the Spiritualist Church was the first instant of answering that call.

The second was in 1998 when the push from within, that insatiable emptiness, a hunger that could not be filled began to stir again and in earnest.

It was one afternoon as I was flicking through our local newspaper that an ad literally jumped off the page at me.

It was an ad for Reiki?

I had no idea what on earth Reiki was as I had never even heard the term before, I did know though that as I looked at this ad my heart started beating wildly in my chest, my palms got clammy and there was an energy coursing through my body almost screaming at me – CALL, CALL NOW, DO IT NOW!!

Of course calling on the home phone was the only option available to me as this was and I’m almost scared to say well before the days of smart phones and internet LOL 

There was something inside of me pushing me to call this woman and ask her about it, she was lovely, she explained it to me and I agreed to go along and do the day. 

I will admit I still had no clue what it was and how it worked I just knew that I had to be there. 

From the moment that I connected to Universal life force energy with the intent of healing another I knew on some deep level that I had come home. 

Since then there have been many more events such as answering the call to learning more in depth about the subconscious mind and what makes people tick, answering the call to work with the Angelic Realm in 2012, answering the call in 2104 to share meditation with as many as I can.

Lightworker means that there is a calling within you, a yearning and understanding that there is something for you to do, on some level you know that you are here to share a light with others, you are here to guide people to their own light, you are here to help raise the human consciousness from fear back to love.

A lightworker is someone who makes a conscious choice to answer the call of their Soul, to answer the call of Source.

A lightworker is one that knows that everything that they say and do has an impact on the world around them.

A Lightworker knows that they have the power within them to raise the vibrational frequency of the Planet.

A Lightworker knows that they are a part of something much greater than themselves.

The most direct path for someone who is a lightworker to light up their Soul is to literally do what lights you up. 

What makes your heart sing, what fills your mind with inspiration what gets you into your creative flow? 

You don’t need to change anyone around you, you just know implicitly that all you need do is shine as brightly as you can and in doing so others will recognise their own light within.

All of the suffering, all of the pain, all of the headache, all of the lessons you willingly agreed to undertake so that your Soul could take the fastest course to awakening and waking up. 

Many Lightworkers come into this world almost as though you are picking up where you left off from your previous life. 

If all of that has not ignited some form of deep inner knowing inside of you then here are a few more signs that indicate that you are a Lightworker

* You are more of a loner and highly sensitive to peoples energies

* Your life has been a series of challenges and traumas that you recognise have led you to where you are now to awaken you as a healer

* You are naturally drawn to healing and helping others

* You have your own demons with Mental Health and recognise that this is so that you can change the way people see mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

* You yourself have undergone an intense Spiritual awakening

* You are drawn to anything that expands your understanding of the Universe and all of its multidimensional layers.

* You intuitively know on some deeper level that you are here for a higher purpose.

* You are highly intuitive and have been from a young age

These are just a few of the signs that you yourself are and have always been a Lightworker. 

The darkest times in my life were the periods in which I turned my back on my light, I stopped listing to the call of my Soul and I turned my back on the Universe.

Subconsciously I decided that I really hadn’t suffered enough to be worthy of Serving the Divine Goddesses light.

I am here to tell you that the greatest delusion for a Lighwokers is the belief that you first need to suffer in order to being worthy of wearing your badge of honour.

There is no longer a need for further suffering, pain or loss.

All that you need to do to answer that call is to go within, take time each day to get to know yourself and as you do your Soul will begin to reveal to you the path in which you are to share your light with the world. 

As yourself – “What would I do if I could do be or have anything in the world?”

As each of you awaken and light up you become the beacons within the Universe to those who have lost their way and are desperately trying to find their way home.

“May the Light of the Divine Mother Father God shine within you always” (Kerryn Slater)



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  1. I feel I am a lightworker and have had an urgency to learn more and reach out. I have always had dream premonitions and seen my loved ones whom have passed. I have also had people come to me for advice and am very good at communicating what is in their best interest. I believe in angel numbers amine lately have said I am on my Devine path spiritually and am a lightworker after seeing this and the intuition I feel is urging me to find how best to follow my calling. I also sense energies both good and bad. The bad gas tried to attach but with my inner light and God’s I knew I had the power. I also remember my first thought as a child was how did I get here, what is my purpose, why this body, this family. I heard a man’s voice a day or 2 after that loud and comanding say Sarah, I wasn’t scared but my baby sitter was so I ran because she did I was barely 2. The day after that at my grandmother’s she and I were the only ones there the same voice with a little more urgency said my name again. She was in bed asleep so I ran and got in bed with her. I guess it knew I was scared so the next time that night it comunicated with lights of all colors making the shape of an atom now that I look back. I had a very hard childhood and have moved on and made peace and now I feel the calling so I took a few different testwitch all said this was my calling. I feel a simce of deep urgency and purpose and thank you in advance if anyone can helpme to figure out where I go from here. Thanks and all the blessings in the world, Sarah Ann Richards

    • Thanks, Sarah for sharing all of that about yourself.
      It certainly sounds like finding yourself a Spiritual Mentor would greatly assist you on your journey.
      It also feels to me that there is a beautiful healer within you, so if you haven’t already done so then learning a healing modality would benefit you in making the difference you are wanting to make in the world.
      Kerryn Xxx


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