Nurture your Faith

“The more energy and intention I bring to my faith, The more Fearless and Free I AM.”
Your faith can move mountains and as you harness the energy of that faith in your Higher Power the more fearless you become.
This is an opportunity as we move into the powerful energies of 2020 to put into place all of that belief and to fully walk your talk.
Your faith is like a beautiful flower, you first plant the seed, then you water it, it receives sunlight which in essence is your daily love and commitment and as you do so you can stand back and watch its magic flourish right before your very eyes.
We live in such a quick fix world, everything is literally at your fingertips, yet if you went to the gym it would take a regular commitment in order for you to gain the fitness that you are seeking.
Your faith is just like this, it requires commitment and regular attention in order to grow and flourish.
Fear can only be fuelled by the belief that you are alone, unsupported and lacking the resources that you require.
When you place yourself into the arms of your faith fuelled by love then miracles really can appear in your life.
The right people, places, ideas, and resources manifest for you at the perfect time.
Choose to place your energy and your intentions into your daily spiritual practices and your faith and in doing so you release yourself from fear and doubt and become the free spirit that you are at your core.

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