Are you Listening to your Body?

Why is it that we have this bullshit belief that we have to soldier on no matter how badly we may be feeling.

You could literally be dripping with sweat high with fever and still you will say to yourself “suck it up and get on with it”.

I really do feel that as women (sorry guys) we often feel the weight of responsibility with some underlying need to prove that we are superwomen and can be all and do all regardless of how this will impact ourselves.

Your body is the hub of your intuition, that’s why you will say you have a gut feeling or that something doesn’t feel right.

This is your body sending you signals to let you know that something is out of alignment and usually it is an area of your life that is no longer serving you.

Maybe you have been saying to yourself for some time that you really need to find a job that you feel good about going to everyday instead of feeling nauseous and filled with anxiety.

Perhaps you have been getting the signal from your stomach that particular kinds of foods don’t agree with you, yet as a whole we take a pill that allows us to continue to eat those foods instead of taking notice of what our bodies are trying to tell us.

The list is endless really.

Over time if you continue to ignore those intuitive nudges that your body is sending to you it will get louder and more intense.

You will begin to get aches and pains in your body, your nervous system will begin to play havoc and worse case your body will create an illness in order for you to stop and listen.

This has happened to me just recently.

I fell into the story that I have a responsibility and people are relying on me – Which of course is true and what I have had ever so lovingly placed in front of my face by my body and the Universe is not at the expense of myself or my own wellbeing.

I have been pushing through caught up in the busyness of all that I have done this year both within my own work and in my personal life.

I had been ignoring the gentle nudge from my body that I needed to take some serious time out, to completely unplug and to settle more fully into the present.

So my body first took my voice so that I wouldn’t be able to talk for long periods, then it gave me a cough so I wouldn’t be able to fully do the work I needed to do, then of course it gave me the body aches so that I would not want to physically do anything…

Thankfully this is not life threatening and as I give my body the nurturing, space and time out that it needs, it will recover fully and quickly.

The reason that I am sharing this with you is because I am listening to my body, I am giving my body my undivided attention and providing it with all that it is asking for so that I can continue to give to others all that they need.

What are the intuitive messages that you are currently ignoring that your body is trying to get your attention with?

I recommend taking 15 minutes to just sit and be fully present with your body.

Start by focusing your attention on your breath, following it all the way in and all the way out of your body, noticing gently where in your body your breath flows to.

Gently bring your attention to your heart, breathing into your heart centre.

Bring to mind something in your life that you feel deeply grateful for.

Now move your awareness to the tips of your toes and your feet, notice the sensations in your body as your move your awareness all the way slowly to the top of your head and back down to your toes.

Ask your body what it wants you to know right now, ask your body what it needs from you and what action it would have you take.



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