Come back to the Voice of your Heart and Your Soul

At times I find myself incredibly overwhelmed with the responsibility of being successful of being the best version of myself and in being all that I need to be for all who need for me to be “me”.

I sometimes feel that I have worked so hard to heal and self develop and yet at times I still feel like I’m walking in the dark.

I honestly feel that the crazy messaging that we are all exposed to at this powerful time of online messaging can often make us feel less than or that we aren’t doing enough to save the world and humanity or that we aren’t successful because we haven’t yet figured out what the fuck it is that we are supposed to be doing.

I find that at these times it is a clear indicator to me that my attention has wandered too far outside of myself and I am not paying attention to the internal dialogue that is going on in my head. I haven’t given myself enough time of stillness, of coming back to the present moment, I haven’t been giving myself enough love or self care and have wandered out of the flow of connection to the Heart and my Soul.

Sound Familiar?

I also find that as the planets go deeper into retrograde and we are all asked on a deeper Soul level to awaken, as we are all upgraded energetically, cosmically and spiritually that the feelings of overwhelm can arise within us even more intensely.

This may present to you as a heightened sense of anxiety, feelings of confusion or just feeling as though you are the kite that has let go of the one holding the handle and you are randomly floating out in space with no clear direction or answers as to where you may potentially hit the ground.

It is a tightness in your chest that you need to be doing something but you can’t figure out what, there is a weight pressing down on you and for the life of you, you can’t figure out what to do to lift that weight.

It is during these times that we are all called to go within to come back to our breath and to focus our attentions on being in more in the present moment.

Here are some tips to help you through these powerful times ahead.

  • Create your very own sacred space
  • Light your favourite candles 
  • Play your favourite music 
  • Place your hand on your heart 
  • Feel your feet on the ground beneath you 
  • Give thanks and appreciation for all that Mother Earth has provided you with
  • Take 10 conscious breaths – following your breath all the way into your body and all the way out of your body
  • Move your awareness into your heart centre
  • Feel and sense the light of your Soul from deep within your heart centre 
  • Visualise a cord of light moving from your heart centre down through your body, your feet and down into the heart of Mother Earth 
  • See your cord of light connecting to the heart centre of Mother Earth 
  • Sense her energy rising to meet you as it settles and connects with your heart centre 
  • Visualise a cord of light from your heart moving up through your crown chakra and reaching out into the Universe
  • Feel and sense your cord of light connecting with the Heart of the Divine/Source/God Consciousness 
  • As you connect in with the heart of the Divine feel and sense her/his energy and love flowing back down to you and connecting with your heart centre
  • See yourself wrapped in the loving arms of Mother Earth and the Divine, as above so below 
  • Breathe in these beautiful energies with your breath for a minimum of 10 minutes 
  • Take out your journal and ask heart that is now filled with the energy of the Mother Earth and the Divine what it is that you most need to hear and know at this time.

As you connect to those energies you awaken the voice of your Heart and your Soul allowing you to be intuitively guided from within at this time. 

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