Do you hear the voice of your intuition?

How often have you heard yourself saying “damn it I knew it” or “I had a gut feeling” or “something didn’t feel right” or “If only I’d listened”? Or “The signs were there”.

These are only a small example of the kinds of language that we use to describe moments of not having listened to our intuition.

Each and every one of us are born into this human experience with all of the sensors that we require to survive, exist and evolve.

I use the word sensors because that is what the body is, a sensor.

We hear, see, taste, smell, feel, we also have a body of skin that breathes and detects subtle changes in atmosphere around us.

The sense of smell is highly understated, when you walk into your home you can instantly pick up that something isn’t right based on changes to the smell of your environment.

Our hearing is incredible and can be attuned to the vibrational frequencies of the Universe. You hear both on a physical and non physical frequency.

Sight in itself is incredible, everything is light that flows to your brain to then be transformed into pictures that are then projected out into the world around you to literally create the world that you see.

Taste, your taste buds detect the nutritional value of the foods and water that you eat and drink, you have an inbuilt sensory system within your mouth that detects what is healthy and what is not.

Then you have your physical touch and skin. Notice how your hairs stand on end when you walk into a room or you feel a connection to something that you cannot physically see?

This is your external receptor letting you know that something significant is occurring as well as controlling your internal and external temperature.

Then we have all the Extrasensory perception.

This is the ability to walk into an environment and pick up on the energy or vibes of a room.

When you pick up an object and you receive mental images and feelings related to the object.

The sensation that you get in the pit of your stomach that you just know that the person that you are speaking to is lying.

The feelings that get when you meet someone who has had a traumatic life and some deep sense of compassion and empathy arises from within you.

That knowing when you meet someone for the first time and you feel that you have known then forever.

We are incredible beings that process millions of pieces of Information and data every second of everyday.

The question for you is how effectively are you interacting with the world around you?

The Universe is a vast quantum field of consciousness, it is a benevolent loving intelligence that works with us in every moment of everyday.

There are multiple realms of Universes, dimensions, realities and planes of existences that exist simultaneously throughout the cosmos.

We are all a constant paradigm of sliding doors, at any given moment we can step from one life into another based on our choices and decisions.

Where have we lost our way in living a life that is fully in sync with the Divine intelligence of the Universe?

We have forgotten how to go within, to be able to sense all of the subtle changes that occur in our environment.

Our heads are so noisy with all of the mental mind chatter that we miss the subtle suggestions of our higher self telling us to take a right instead of a left.

Our eyes are so overstimulation from screen based exposure that when the energy of spirit walks near us we can no longer identify it.

Our ears are so overwhelmed with the noise of our environments that it no longer hears the subtle sounds of spirit, nature or the harmonic frequencies of the Universe that we miss the voice that whispers gently “come this way”.

We as Human Beings have not come into this life without all of the support that we will need to successfully live this life.

We not only have all of those awesome abilities mentioned above, we also have an unlimited access to the intelligence of the Universe.

The Universe communicates with us at all times, it is through all of our senses that it does this.

The Universe also uses our own references and resources to communicate with us.

You may resonate with the idea of loved ones in Spirit, therefore you will receive insights and visits from spirit.

You may feel a deep connection to nature, therefore your communication with the Universe will be through animals, insects, birds, flowers, etc

You may feel inspired by the Angelic Realm therefore all of your communicating will be in your experiences with all things Angelic.

There are countless ways in which the Universe communicates with you through your own senses and externally.

So how can you become more attuned to all of this and build a synchronistic relationship with the Universe?

Here are 10 steps how:

  1. Take time to sit in silence – you will soon discover the Universes song.
  2. Take time to sit with your eyes closed – this switches off the external overstimulation so that your internal sight can be activated.
  3. Connect deeply to your heart centre – who are you really – “Know thyself”
  4. Reconnect to your breath regularly each day – this regulates your nervous system and reduces hypertension.
  5. Meditate daily – this connects you to the divine intelligence of the Universe.
  6. Reduce the amount of stimulants in your diet – eg sugar, preservatives, plastic foods.
  7. Start talking to the Universe – each day say thank you for all that life is providing you with- life wants to make you happy.
  8. Deliberately seek out the beauty in the world around you – this attunes your sight to seeing the external signs of the Universe.
  9. Each time you get a hunch, a vibe, a feeling, or a knowing write it down – when you acknowledge your intuitive experiences it increases the intensity and frequency of the events.
  10. Each night hit your journal – this builds a deeper relationship with the aspect of yourself that is connected to the Divine intelligence of the Universe.


Science has been proving over and over again that everything is connected.

If you haven’t seen this movie then I highly recommend it.

We are so much more than we think we are.

We have so much more control over the life that we live than we realise.

Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs have a direct impact on the quality of life that we live.

When you are INTUNE with the world around you, when you are attuned to the subtle signals that are constantly being given to you, this is when you will be living a fully synchronistic and intuitive life.

The more that you know and understand yourself, the deeper the relationship you will have with the Universe.

Implementing those 10 easy steps into your daily routine will increase your intuition significantly.





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