Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Can you even look yourself in the mirror??

For years I would do what I needed to do in front of the mirror but I never really saw myself or looked at myself.

I was never a fan either of having the light on so many times I would get ready without it on.

It wasn’t until my daughter made the comment to someone else one day…  “Oh mum doesn’t like looking at herself in the mirror and she gets ready in the dark.”

Until that moment I was totally oblivious to the message that I was sending to my daughter and the beliefs about herself, or that this could actually be embedding within her consciousness.

I won’t lie, it hit me like a punch in my belly, it took my breath away and it gave me the chills all over, it’s amazing how one statement can really make you review yourself and how you live your life.

I wish that I could say from that moment on I was better at how I viewed myself but I wasn’t, I continued to not really look at myself and this was so multilayered.

It was layered in guilt,

It was layered in shame,

It was layered in the not good enough’s

And it was layered in the why can’t I be anything other than what I am.

Now this was not just on a surface level, this ran really deep into every layer of my Being.

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of ignoring of my internal guidance system that I did during some very turbulent times in my life, and maybe on a subconscious level that was why I didn’t really look in the mirror because to do so would require me to acknowledge who I was and where I was at, and at that time I wasn’t ready to do that.

In hindsight, oh and don’t we just love that word, I now recognise that if I had of just taken the time to really look at myself then perhaps my Soul that was trying to reach out to me at that time may have been able to get through get through to me that shit needed to change.

But lets be honest, have you ever listened to anything that anyone has tried to tell you before you were ready to hear it?? Me either !!!!

Needless to say there are without a doubt life journeys, soul contracts and dramas that are required to be played out in our lives before we can stand in front of the mirror and finally be ready to really see the person who stands before us.

There comes a time in your life when beating yourself up requires precious energy that you just no longer have the reserves to waste in such a manner.

What I have come to know and understand for sure is this…

The only persons approval that I have ever really sought was the approval of myself.

Nobody can love me anymore or any less that I currently love myself.

The moment that I surrendered and accepted me for who I am it felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

If I was to teleport back in time to the person that I was who was making some incredibly crazy and unhealthy life choices could I have done anything differently – this requires a no bullshit approach my friends.

We can all stand where we are today and say that we would do things differently – and rightly so we would, but if you honestly and compassionately place yourself into the shoes of the version of who you were when _______ you would know without a doubt that, that version of you was not equipped to make any other choices other than the ones that were made with the resources that you had available to you at that time.

You would also recognise that the choices that were made at that time were most likely made from a place of fear, lack, stress and perhaps even a deep deniable depression.

So how can you stand before that version of who you were and berate her or him any further????

Don’t you think it’s time to let yourself off the endless hook of impossible good enough?

What is the Bar that you are setting for enoughness and would you set that same bar for your children or your bestie?

  • Would you look at your daughter after she has busted her ass to get something done and tell her that it wasn’t as good as Pennys and next time she should do better?
  • Would you look at your son as he is styling his hair feeling on top of the world that he doesn’t look as good as John?
  • Would you tell you best friend that compared to everyone else she doesn’t measure up?
  • Would you tell your sister that she was fat?
  • Would you tell your mother that she looked terrible for her age and that she should do something about it?
  • Would you tell your Nanna that no matter what she did it wasn’t enough to make you feel happy?
  • Would you tell your niece that she just wasn’t lovable enough for you?

This is equivalent to what you are doing every time that you look in the mirror and reject what you see standing before you.

  • Do you think that out of all of the Souls that have been born onto this Earth Plane that the vehicle in which you came into this life with was just some random act of crazy comic shit?
  • Do you think that the moment of your coming into being that you were not born whole, perfect and unabashedly loving every single aspect of yourself?

Have you ever stopped to consider that you are perfect just as you are?

Have you ever thought about the energy of love, what does that symbolise or look like to you,
does it have a colour? Is it radiant? It is vibrant? Do you think that the energy of love is like a force of perfection, that it is in complete and utter harmony with all the beauty of the world/universe.

The energy of love is like all of the stars of the galaxies placed together in one little tiny fragment of nature called a Human Being.

The energy of love outshines anything else in the Universe.

When you reach that place of acceptance, when you begin to respect, value, appreciate and love all of who you are, you begin to radiate a light so bright that you outshine that sun.

You transmit such a high frequency vibe that people can’t hep but be drawn to you.

As you begin to recognise that you are perfect just as you are then damn it the seas of the oceans part whenever you walk on by…

  • Life begins to flow more easily, you being to see more beauty in the world around you.
  • Doors that were once closed to you begin to open.
  • Relationships begin to shift to a deeper level.
  • You no longer feel the need to look at what everyone else is doing.
  • You begin to feel whole.
  • You being to feel as though you now understand your role in this life.
  • You begin to no longer feel lost.
  • You feel a connection to everything around you that you never felt before.
  • You finally begin to know who you are.
  • You feel as though you have come home.

This is not a journey that can be reached over night, you have invested some serious hours and persistence in not appreciating you, so it will require that same level of commitment and persistence to shift back to a place of acceptance and wholeness.

Here are just a few simple ways in which you can begin your journey today…

  • Each morning as you are getting ready take a moment to stop and really look yourself in the eye – really stare deeply into your eyes.

And as you do, start with some words of encouragement such as the ones below:

  • Wow girl you made it
  • You’ve got this
  • You are doing ok
  • Everything is going to be ok
  • Today is a new day
  • You are doing the best that you can and thats good enough
  • You are enough
  • I am so proud of you
  • I like who you are
  • I like how you are with people
  • You are a great friend
  • You are an awesome mum
  • Thanks for taking care of me
  • Thanks for being there for me
  • Thanks for doing all that you do
  • You are enough
  • You are great
  • I love you
  • I love you
  • I love you
  • I love you
  • I love you

You are worth making this commitment to yourself.

Nobody else is going to take you by the hand and do the work for you.

If 10,000 people lined up and told you how great you were you wouldn’t believe a single one of them unless you believed it first.

There is no other you, you are the only person who can do you, so stop trying to do everybody else.




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