Do you hide your Spirituality?

You know this right??

The fact that you are here reading this right now would indicate that you have a level of awareness and understanding of what I’m about to share with you. 

Many of us have come into this Human experience with a definitive mission for our Soul’s greatest growth. 

Opportunities, people, places and situations that we have predetermined will be the best environment for us to awaken to our own Divinity.

Before we enter into our human life we come knowing that we have all of the resources within us to successfully achieve the expansion, awareness and the remembering that we are Spiritual Beings. 

A part of this undertaking is the agreement that we will all undergo a form of amnesia, meaning that we will forget that we are infinite Beings deeply connected to the Source of All That Is and that we are not separate from this Divine force. 

That means that on a Soul level we know that all of the traumas, the broken relationships, the pain and suffering that we endure we have chosen specifically so that in the moments of our greatest despair may find ourselves on our knees seeking the assistance of this Divine lovely force and remember who we truly are. 

Some of us remember early in our lives that there is something more to us than meets the eye.

We sense that there is a Higher Power that watches over us and guides us, some of you probably have even had experiences of being an Empath or naturally intuitive as you were growing up. 

You may have had a natural affinity to nature and could feel the energy of life that surrounds all of Mother Earths creations.

You may have have moments in your life of sensing or seeing Spirit.

You perhaps could walk into a room and sense the feelings of everyone in there. 

You could have like so many children arriving today been able to see colours and auras around people. 

Many of you may have even had imaginary friends who were in fact your guardian Angels or guides that assisted you through those periods in your lives. 

What then happens as we begin to show these traits, these inner knowings that cannot be explained by those who we live with and those who we spend our time with and we subconsciously begin to keep our knowingness to ourselves.

As you grow into an adult you have potentially learned from your childhood that it isn’t safe to express all that you perceive and know of the world around you.

You have possibly bought into this lifetime from past life experiences the remembering of percussion and even death at having expressed your gifts. 

So why then in this age of information technology where anything from chakras, to auras, to Angels, guides, animal medicine, psychic mediumship, spirit and all things woo woo do we continue to hide that side of ourselves.

I have met so many beautiful souls who have within them the capacity for so much intuitive insight yet they are too afraid to voice their views, their knowingness and their infinite wisdom.

From my own experiences as coming into this world as an extreme Empath and Intuitive and going to bed overnight watching Spirit walking past my bedroom door and visiting with me is this.

People are afraid of the of what they do not understand.

They themselves are sensing the power of the Divine within you, they are on some level recognising the Soul that you are and the further away from remembering their own Divinity that they are it causes an internal reaction within them of something in me is missing and that there is something in you that sees the truth of who they are.

If we take into consideration the idea that many of us without really knowing why or what it is feel on some level that there is something wrong with us, that there is something that we are meant to be doing or that we know on a deep soul level that our current choices and way of living is not serving the greater good of the Soul.

So when you are in contact with someone coming from that state in that moment there is a deep resonance with their own Soul, in that moment the person is recognising on a Soul level that they have forgotten who they are and can only sense the distance of perceived separation and while they may not be able to articulate this or process it on a logical and intellectual level they are recognising it intuitively. 

We are all afraid of judgement, we are all wanting to be accepted and validated by those around us and we are all wanting to “Fit in” with everyone else.

When you share your Divine guidance, your intuitive knowings and your Empathic feelings with another you are giving them the opportunity to remember themselves as a Spiritual Being.

When you offer healing to another or speak of your love of all things Angelic, you are in that moment being a conduit and a voice for the Divine loving intelligence of the Universe.

When you feel the fear and every fibre of your Being is telling you that it is not safe to speak consider this for a moment;

IN the moment that you have a deep knowing of someone or something you are in fact communing with your Soul self and the presence of the Divine.

If this is an energy that you are not always used to connecting with then it can feel like an extremely powerful presence running through your body and it is very easy in that moment to interpret this as fear.

When your body experiences excitement or fear the same energy is created within your body, you have in that moment the chance to move into fear thought based thinking or breathe into it and give thanks to the energy that is moving through you.

As soon as you do this you give yourself over to the unconditional love of the Universe and it then becomes about the Highest good of another and viola fear is dissipated.

Every time you feel the thoughts, feelings and words that want to move through you and you cut them off you are in that moment cutting yourself of from your Soul/Higher Self and from the Divine.

Now there will be times when another is not ready to hear what it is that you have to say and this is why you should always speak from your Heart.

Not from the need to be right or to show off how much you know (Yes this is from experience that I share this with you)

When you come from a place of kindness, compassion and love then all that you say and express will be wrapped in that essence.

When you express your knowingness with the intention of being a conduit of the loving force of the Universe for the wellbeing of others then it is delivered in a way that while perhaps not acknowledge on a human level it will absolutely resonate within that persons subconscious, their own intuition and on a Soul level. 

The truth of what you are saying will act as a soothing balm to their ears, it will reverberate throughout their body and while they may not be able to process the information in that moment it will certainly set the wheels in motion to open mindedness and seeing life in a different way.

When you stop the flow of your own Divine inner knowing and Spirituality it creates within your body a sense of loss, a feeling of wrongness and a more intense feeling of separateness from the world around you.

One of the greatest lessons that I have learned about my own Spiritual journey has been that I came into this life with a great deal of remembering. 

I now understand why I chose on a Soul level to travel down a dark path of suffering for a period of time where I turned my back on my spirituality and my knowingness.

It was during these years that I separated myself completely so that when the timing was right I could once more bring myself back in alignment and in doing so experience the full force and power of the Unconditional love of the Universe.

I remembered my own Divinity so profoundly that it healed me instantly from the pain that I had endured and it gave me the determination to never again quieten the voice of my Truth or my Spirituality. 

My perception completely shifted from fear of what others might say or how they might judge me to only being interested in feeling the loving presence of the Angelic, Spirit and the Universe.

In the moments that you squash that rising voice that wants to express itself through you, you are denying the truth of who you are.

You are denying the soul that you are interacting with the chance to express itself on a deeper level also.

I am also absolutely positive that you can recount many moments throughout your life where you have walked away from a situation and kicked yourself for not saying what was wanting to come forth from you.

I bet that there are hundreds of times when you thought that you should have picked up the phone or messaged someone and you didn’t only to find out that they were going through a really tough time.

I bet that you have experienced an urge to reach out and touch another who is in pain only to talk yourself out of it.

I am sure that there have been many times in your life when you felt an overwhelming sense of love and compassion for someone and the words to express were on the tip of your tongue and you didn’t express them to then wish later that you had of.

You are constantly being given nudges from the Universe at the exact moment in perfect Divine timing of when action is required, if we miss that moment it really does leave a sense of loss within us and that is because we have in fact missed a unique opportunity for our Souls to connect and commune as one.

So next time that you feel the urge to hide your spiritual self, your loving self, your true self, have a thought that you could potentially be denying yourself and another of a magical union of the Divine. 


3 thoughts on “Do you hide your Spirituality?”

  1. Thank you l resonate with a lot of what you acknowledged. I truly need people in my life on the same level l try to be me but not many except or try. I feel alone a lot of the time. I try to manifest this but l seem to be failing. Please guide me if you can xx Namaste

    • Hi Tess
      Thanks so much for your feedback I am so glad that this has resonated with you.
      Grab your notepad or journal
      Place at the top of your page:
      “My Soul tribe”
      Who are they – Men/Women
      What age are they?
      Where do they live?
      What do they do?
      What are their interests?
      How will they be around you
      How will you feel around them
      What interests do they have
      What will you do together
      Try this and see how you go my love xx


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