How understanding Law of Attraction changed my life

How understanding Law of Attraction has changed my life.

I honestly believe that on an energetic level we all have an understanding of Law of Attraction. It is a knowing that we are born with, an innate wisdom, a superpower, and a tool that we are gifted with coming into this human life.

As with all of our natural abilities and talents that we bring into life with us they are conditioned out of us before we really even have a chance to put our superpowers into practice.

I remember back in the day when I was a kid and there was no such thing as the internet or mobile phones. We had the old fashioned dial phones, so I would sit on the floor in front of the phone and visualise the person that I wanted to speak to. I would visualise them picking up their phone and calling me, I would then visualise myself picking up the phone and the two of us speaking. Usually within 5 minutes the phone would call and it would be exactly who I wanted to speak to. Of course, I thought that this was a pretty awesome super power to have and while I have the knowledge of this ability I really didn’t put it into practice actively or consciously in my life. Perhaps you can even relate also to feeling some form of power within you as a child but and just not knowing what it was.

That is to say that I have always had the belief within me that I can create what I want in my life, I just haven’t understood how to harness this intentionally.  It’s always been a little like playing the lotto sometimes you win sometimes you don’t.

In 2006 I read a little book called the Secret and watched the movie that went along with it. I will never forget one day my daughter had to be in Melbourne for a choir day, back then we didn’t have a lot of money and we hadn’t put petrol in the car, so I put the Secret practices into place, I was able to manifest random money that I didn’t know that I had, and all the way to Melbourne there was not a single car or traffic on the road because I just visualised a clear flow all of the way. I felt completely and powerfully in the flow of the Universe throughout this time, needless to say it was so unbelievable that my hubby turned to me with a fearful look on his face and said “What the hell is going on” too cause this triggered within me up an ancient fear of my own “power” and so I stopped actively using it. (This in itself is a whole other story).

I lovingly call 2014 my period of re awakening, a time when I stepped out of my self imposed darkness and into the service of the Universe. From that moment until now I feel as though the Universe has taken me on a huge crash course to bringing me up to speed with where I should be in my life. Reconnecting with and understanding the energy of Law Of Attraction has been an instrumental part of this journey.

During this time I was guided to Esther Hicks in 2014, if you don’t know her she is an amazing Human Being who channels a collective consciousness that calls themselves Abraham. I literally stumbled across Esther’s work on YouTube and I was instantly hooked. Her words and the way that she explained Law of Attraction awakened that long forgotten knowing within me.

Here are some examples of how I have put LOA into place in my life since then…

I decided that I was going to visit my sister in Canada, so my story that I told everyone was that I was going to visit her in that year, the story that I was telling myself or the Universe was, Universe I am going to visit my sister and I have no idea how I am going to manage this I just know that I am going.

Needless to say I bought my tickets, then kept up with my mantra, thanks Universe I am so excited to be visiting my sister not sure how anything else is going to happen but I know that you have got this sorted. Happily, all of the funds that I needed to go and visit my sister appeared for me and I was able to go and have one of the most amazing times of my life.

Also in 2014, while searching the internet I stumbled over a place in the UK called Arthur Findlay College. This is a college purely for the study of Psychic Science and Mediumship. Of course, my first reaction when I saw this was “yeah right as if I could ever go there” Then stated “Ok Universe if I am meant to go here, then I know that you will make it happen for me” Not really believing that the opportunity would arise but ever hopeful that somehow it would one day happen.

Unbelievably through a series of events by the December of 2014 this became a very real reality for me. I met a woman at a fete who was telling me all about this place called Arthur Findlay college and low and behold she was going, I thanked the Universe for the time when I would too be able to do this and then let it go. A few months later I caught up with a friend of mine who also mentioned that she too was going, and going on the same trip as the woman that I had recently met, we talked about how awesome if would be if I were going, and again I said thank you to Universe, and it went something like this “Thank you Universe, I have no idea how, I just know that one day I will go here and thank you for making it happen for me” In December of that year the woman that I had met previously advised me that there was a cancellation within the tour and that I should consider going. Again, I had no idea how on earth I would be able to manifest not only the funds, but also the time off from work as well as the support of my family to do this. Luckily for me, I had a session with a beautiful coach who really helped me to identify exactly how I would feel with and without the outcome that I was wanting, she helped me to get really clear on how important it was for me and to identify that it really didn’t need to happen right now, it could actually happen the following year with more time for planning.

As I left the session I felt completely free of my attachment of going on this trip, I thanked the Universe for bringing it to me, again I said, “I have no idea how, I just know that I will when the time is right and thank you for making it happen for me”

That evening when my hubby got home from work, he uttered the most amazing words to me “Ok let’s work out how we can make this happen” and YES you guessed right the following July I was on a plane to the UK. I have many more stories just like those that have happened for me and continue to happen for me.

There are important fundamental keys in understanding and playing with Law of Attraction.

  • The Universe loves you and wants you to have everything that you ask for.
  • The Universe does not understand the word no, no thanks, don’t, won’t can’t, etc.
  • The moment that you ask for something the Universe is already making it happen for you.
  • Everything is energy.
  • How you feel about a subject 100% effects the outcome. eg: I felt deep within my soul that somehow what I wanted would happen and that’s all I focused on.
  • Your beliefs about your outcome 100% create your outcome. If you are asking the Universe for what you want, and you don’t really believe that it can happen, or you are instead focusing on the lack of it, then what you are wanting cannot be received by you. When you let what you want go, see it, feel it, hear it, know it to be so with every fibre of your being and then let it go it 100% occurs for you and usually a lot sooner than you had anticipated.
  • Keep your vibrations high enough to match the frequency of the fabulousness that you are wanting to bring into your life
  • Feel deep appreciation for all that you already have in your life right now – this sends the signal out into the world that you abundant.
  • Trust that you are worthy of receiving all that you are asking for.
  • Say Thank you to the Universe as though it has already happened.

This is what I know to for sure:

  • In any given moment in any given aspect of our lives we are only ever limited by our own beliefs.
  • There is no source outside of ourselves that is preventing us from having what we want in life, it all comes from within.
  • How we feel and how we think is the driving force behind everything that shows up in our life.
  • The story that you are telling yourself today is the movie that you will be watching tomorrow. This is my most recent example of how powerful story telling can be. I am going again to visit my sister in Canada, instead of telling everyone how excited I was about this, I felt it necessary for there to be a reason that I was going. Yes I know you would think that the fact that I miss my sister and want to spend time with her would be enough wouldn’t it… Apparently not so, I have been telling everyone that I have spoken to for the last few months that I will probably end up helping my sister move house while I am over there and that she could really do with my help. What do you think happened when my sister put her house on the market??? It sold within two days of going on the market and settlement is right in the middle of my stay. So guess what!! I am going to be helping my sister move house lol Of course that is totally fine and I don’t mind one little bit, but how powerful was that story that I was telling the Universe. A Universe who by the way eavesdrops on everything that you think, feel and say. So now I am being far more mindful of the story that I am telling and I make sure that it is the one that I actually want in my life.
  • What you put out into the world you receive back from the world. Feel in need of more love then give more love to yourself and those around you. Not feeling supported by life, then be more supportive to yourself and those around you. Do you often wish that you received more acknowledgement and compliments? Have a look at how you do this with yourself and others around you, if you discover that you don’t do it at all then that’s what life is showing you. Thank you Universe for revealing to me in deep clarity all that I need to see in order to live my life to the fullest.


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  1. Kerryn, your words and stories were inspiring to read. I’ve had a relationship break up last year and have just started mapping out my future at 50. I have a vision and dream to live on the Central Coast which currently I live five hours inland from. I will use this wisdom of yours to manifest my own law of attraction.
    Regards Kerri xx

    • Thank you so much Kerri I am so glad that they have resonated with you.
      That is such a wonderful vision and I wish you all the very best with the tools that you now have available to you. xx


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