What is your worry addiction trying to reveal to you?

What is your worry addiction trying to reveal to you?

Are you that person when everything in your life is coming up roses, you are blissfully in the flow of life, the roses are blooming, it’s blue skies, the sun is shining endlessly and butterflies are fluttering all around you and all that you can think of is SHIT did I leave the iron on.

Granted you may have once left your iron on and the potentiality of your home burning down was very real, but lets be honest most irons now have a built In turn off if left unattended for a certain period of time.

I am here today holding my hand up in ownership that I am addicted to worry. 

It is the constant churning in your belly.

The endless feeling of – I have forgotten something
Always questioning – Did I lock the front door? 
It’s having that awful feeling of – mmm am I meant to be somewhere
The panic of thinking OMG what day is it and what am I meant to be doing.

This conditioning started early in life for me, as the eldest sister of 3 brothers and one sister I took on the mothering role at a very young age.

I would worry whenever we were somewhere that they would get lost.

I would worry whenever they were doing something they shouldn’t be that they would get hurt.

I would worry that if we were naughty they would get in trouble.

I constantly worried that if I wasn’t there with them then something might happen
Don’t get me wrong my mother was absolutely more than capable but clearly from somewhere I embraced this belief.

This pattern of behaviour really then just followed me throughout my life and I have just transferred this pattern of worry from my siblings to my children.

What is it then that this feeling of worry really gives to any of us?

The constant churning in most cases if the fight or flight response that never gets turned off.

Its the rush of adrenaline that you think keeps you going.

It’s the underlying belief that things are too good to be true and do I really deserve this level of happiness.

It’s that old saying of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It’s that saying of it’s too good to be true
It’s the belief somewhere inside all of us that maybe we really don’t deserve to be happy.

It’s the flawed fundamental belief within us that we aren’t good.

Years of marketing strategists and consumerism that has conditioned us to believe that we cant possibly be happy unless we have X,Y & Z.

What is the effect that this has on the body?
Fight or flight secretes the stress hormone serotonin into our bodies.
Constant Adrenaline results in Adrenal fatigue.

What is in this moment that worry is actually doing for you?

I love this concept by Gay Hendricks
1. Worry arises
2. Recognise it as a worry thought
3. Can you take immediate action right now? 
4. Then ask yourself “Is this really true”?
5. Shift your focus to more positive states of being like gratitude and appreciation

What is the underlying beneath the worry, what is it that is trying to be revealed to you?

Gay speaks of doing this and it so totally resonates with me in a huge way.

There is a fine line between fear and excitement, the only difference is that you breathe life into excitement and starve fear of oxygen.

Firstly sit and feel the worry as an energy in your body
Ask yourself can I take action on this right now ? 

Breathe deeply into the energy of worry 
Allow whatever it is underneath that is trying to come up, come up.


I am leaving soon to visit my sister in Canada.

When I think of this I become overwhelmed with worry.

What is the surface worry 
That I am leaving my family here
Will they be ok and function without me? ABSOLUTELY!

Can I take any action to change this – NO they are more than capable of looking after themselves.

What is the feeling beneath this that is wanting to come up.

As I breathe into this worry the underlying feeling is one of pure excitement.

I love my sister dearly and being apart from her plays on my heart.

I am beyond excited to be spending this amazing time with her. 

So really my feeling is not worry but pure excitement.

My addiction to my worry thoughts had I just stopped with the worry of leaving my family would not have allowed the space for my incredible excitement which is a far better emotion to be filling my body to arise. 

Taking time each day to really breathe deeply, at work in your lunch hour, in the morning before you start your day and definitely at the end of your day is a way that you can switch off your fight or flight response. 

Breathing deeply into the energy of worry and asking those few important questions can reveal to you a much deeper and rewarding experience in your day.

My choice is the feeling of excitement over worry and this is an active exercise that I will continue doing in my daily life whenever I find myself slipping into the all too comfortable sensation of worry.


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