My Eat Pray Love Journey

If you haven’t already read Liz’s Eat, Pray Love I highly recommend doing so. 

Maybe you have already watched the movie. 

For me I am an avid book reader, and even more so I love to listen to the author retell their own story. 

I find that this connects me on such a deeper level to the energy and the emotion behind their story. 

What stood out for me most when I read this beautifully moving book was how much of her story that I resonated with on such an incredibly deep and personal level. 

I too had gone through divorce, and the lead up to finally making this decision was incredibly painful to me. 

I felt as though I had failed not only myself but my family, and there was unexpected fall out in my decision that plunged me into a terrible depression. 

Unfortunately at that time in my life I turned my back on my already much travelled spiritual journey and I became angry with the world.

It was this turning my back on my spirituality, my connection to Source and my guides that had me journey a 10 year path of anxiety, depression and stress. 

Don’t get me wrong, there were some amazing moments during this time as well, but most of it was overshadowed by a deep unhappiness that no matter what I did or how I tried to numb this nothing really seemed to lift me out of the where I was at. 

It wasn’t until late 2015 that I knew deep in my heart that I could no longer continue to live the life that I was living. 

I had started to talk to the Universe again, actually I was daily begging Source to somehow help me and to save me from myself. 

There were a series of intense events that occurred in my life at that time over several months, it was as though the Universe had stacked up all of the Dominos and was patiently waiting for the right moment that it could push the first one. 

I was gently guided to meditation and was strongly guided to commence a daily meditation practice and this was amazing to me as it really started the opening up of my heart process and cracking open the door of the Universe. 

This to me felt as though this was perhaps the first domino that had begun to fall. Of course it wasn’t until a few months later that I was able to really see that as a truth I was completely oblivious to what was about to occur as I was fully in survival mode only at that time. 

It often amazes me but really shouldn’t surprise me that it is largely heartbreak that will crack you wide open for the real shift and change to take place. 

And it was through this experience that I found myself on my knees to God/Source begging for help, begging to be saved from myself and begging to be shown the way forward. 

This was the beginning of my incredible reawakening and it happened fast, once the dominos fell and I surrendered to the process the acceleration of my awakening, my healing, reconnecting to my Soul, reconnecting to the unconditional love of the Universe, speaking once more to God was on a fast train one way trajectory that no one and nothing could stand in the way of. 

The last five years of my life has been my complete focused intention of finding God/Source, of finding myself and of course discovering my purpose in this life. 

There have been moments of such exquisite expansion, complete out of body experience, a sense of complete unity and oneness that utterly took my breath away, it was such an incredible moment that I wondered how on earth I possibly I could fit back into my human body. 

Synchronistic events and moments that have blown me away and filled me with joy. 

In surrendering to all of this, I often have to pinch myself for all that has occurred in my life over the last 5 years. 

It literally feels to me that until that moment I had been completely asleep and only then did I wake up to this life. 

In all honesty there was an aspect of myself that until that moment hadn’t really decided to truly live or be here. 

My life is now filled with love, with compassion, with healthy fulfilling relationships and I thank God/Source with all of my heart everyday for saving me from myself and opening my eyes and heart.

So it is truly an honour that I will be getting to be in the same space as Elizabeth Gilbert where she will be sharing her personal journey, her insights and her spiritual teachings with us all. 

The Ultimate Girls Week Away is a week of spiritual teachings, of connecting to like minded beautiful women all on their own journey who are also seeking their own inner wisdom, a spiritual connection and a chance to nurture yourself. 

Are you ready to have your very own Eat Pray Love adventure? 

There is not a moment that I would change and it is a journey that I am blessed to still be living and breathing everyday.

I invite you to allow myself, Liz and 29 incredible facilitators to hold space for you to have your own experience of self discovery.

Yes I know, Liz, Lizzy, THE Elizabeth Gilbert, it is going to take all of my willpower not to gush and be all fan like. 

It is going to be so hard to stay cool in her presence. 

I’ll probably snort and laugh hysterically lol 

You can hold your place now for only $50 and pay as you go and you will find this under the registration tab on the website. 

Find out all the details about the

And check out the Facebook Event HERE

Big Magic and Love,


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