The Eternal Soul

I have come to know and realise that there are very few things in this life that we can be sure of.
Death is the one surety that we have in this life along with birth, and as many would say taxes is another. 
But what does death really mean? 
Our lives are constantly surrounded by views of death, it is an ending of one thing and a beginning of another. 
For example, when summer comes to an end it makes way for the birthing of Autumn. 
When Autumn comes to an end it makes way for Spring. 
When Spring comes to an end it makes way for Summer. 
We see this in the Earth around us.
A life cycle shows how a living thing grows and changes. While plants life cycles keep going, a plant’s life begins with the seed. With water, right temperature and right location, the seed grows. It becomes a seedling. Roots push down into the ground to get water and minerals.  The stem reaches for the sun, and leaves begin to unfold. A bud appears. 
The plants then produce flowers. The flowers are then pollinated in many ways – by bees, moths, butterflies, insects, moths, bats, butterflies and even by the wind. 
The pollinated flower turns into fruit. The new seeds are inside the fruit.  The ripe fruit drops to the ground and the cycle begins again.
When we plant foods to eat and they are not picked they go to seed once again repeating the cycle of life and death. 
We see the trees and flowers come to life in spring to then die or become dormant in Autumn to then come to life again in spring.
Again repeating the cycle of life and death. 
We do this regularly ourselves throughout our lives.
A relationship ends and makes way for new more fulfilling relationships.
We let go of habits, people and situations that no longer serve us and this too makes way for a rebirthing of who we are to become.
People come into our lives to fulfil a purpose then leave our life, making way for the new to be birthed.
We ourselves continually change and grow, we outgrow old beliefs making way for new beliefs to be birthed that reflect who we are now.
In some traditions it is believed that the human spirit or Soul is born into this life and once you leave the human body you are immediately reborn to then continue the cycle of life. 
In others it is believed that once you no longer have a need for this human body you move into Spirit and journey to heaven or the Spirit Realms where you then have the choice to continue the human life experience for your Souls expansion and evolution. 
There is also another school of thought that suggests that you can be living many lives in many dimensions and realities simultaneously.
I have been working with Spirit for near on 30 years now and it has been my direct and personal experience that the essence of who we are continues on long after the human body has been released. 
Why is it then that so many fear the idea of death if you are going to continue on as a Soul within this magnificent Universe?
The essence of you is the you beyond your thoughts, it is the you beyond your emotions, it is the you beyond your physical body. 
There is an essence within you that transcends all of the day to day trials and tribulations that you experience in the here and now. 
An essence that has ultimately experienced many lifetimes and it is this core essence that has no fear of life or of death. 
So what really is the fear?
Is it the fear of the unknown for what lies beyond our physical senses? 
Is it the fear of not having lived life to the fullest? 
Is it the fear of retribution?
Very old school now but so many people do fear the judgement that they believe will be waiting them on the other side. 
Often it is the fear of the finality of death, not being able to see or be with loved ones here in the physical realm. 
As a Medium, I have regularly been visited by my loved ones and friends who have moved from this existence into the next.
They come still with aspects of their personality that they had in this life but they are now filled with an energy of light, of unconditional love and joy at where they are now existing. 
They also come with such deep compassion, complete understanding of who you are and absolutely no judgement. 
I recently had the experience of a loved one passing on from this life. 
It was the evening of their passing and as I was settling into bed to drift off to sleep, I felt their presence in my room, as soon as I acknowledged this presence I was completely surrounded and filled with the sense of joy, of freedom, and of complete and utter happiness. 
This was this persons Soul communing with me, and of course I had asked if they were ok, and the sensations and feelings that filled me were of all of the above. 
There was no regret, there was no sadness there was just complete ecstasy, joy and love.
What also lifted me was the expansiveness of how they felt, not just a single entity but a Being that is free to be where ever they choose to be and the total wonder of absolute oneness with all. 
I felt in that moment that they were not just with me but with everyone that they loved simultaneously, and had the profound sense that they were surrounding each and every person with this same energy. 
It was their way of providing comfort and support to all who were grieving as well as providing beautiful healing light to all. 
It was the joy that really got me though, it was so amazing that I wanted to stay suspended within that. 
It was not the fleeting joy that many of us experience as usually this is attached to external objects or conditions.  
This was simply pure joy at just being, of being at one with all, of being free, of being full stop. 
In all of my interactions with Spirit the message is always the same. 
Love is all there is 
We are all one 
We continue to be
Live your life now 
The worries that we fill our lives up with do not serve us 
At the end of the day, the grievances that we hold today cease to exist in death.
This life is all about learning and experiencing.
We are here to create to experience joy and to remember who we are.
Death is not the end but the beginning of complete living.
Our loved ones continue to love us, they surround us and they walk with us.
The people who you interact with in this life are your Soul family – Souls who have agreed to play their part in your life and you in theirs.
In death you are all beloved friends.
At the moment of death you are surrounded by all who have gone before you.
In the moment of death your rebirth is celebrated and all who love you joyfully await your arrival.
The most empowering message however is that we do not need to wait until death of the human form to experience what is available to us in Soul form. 
This is part of the human journey, to recognise this, to know this and to live this. 
When you go within there is a place deep within you where a quiet ocean of stillness exists. 
This is the true essence of who you are. 
It is here that you journey below the crazy constant chatter of the mind. 
It is here that you drop beneath the overwhelm of emotions. 
And it is here that true peace can be found. 
When we access the stillness within us we are freed from all external binds that hold us on a continuous merry go round of emotion and thought. 
It is in this freedom that you experience the full wonderment of connection, unity and joy.
It is here that the death of the ego occurs making way for full conscious awareness to arise.
It is here that you reunite to the Soul aspect of yourself, the essence of you that is connected to all. 
At the end of the day when we have outgrown the need for this human form and have completed all that we have come to do we simply shift from one form of consciousness to another. 
Continuing yet another cycle of death and rebirth. 
Are you brave enough to fully live your life? 
A question that I often ask myself is “How much will I regret not doing this thing that I want to do?”
Do I want to be meeting with death and wishing that I had done so much more? 
The answer to that for me is no. 
Do I want to waste my precious time reliving the past? A past that I have no way of changing.  
The answer to that is no.
Do I want to spend my precious time worrying about a future that may never arrive?
The answer to that is no.
Do I want to be spending my precious time wishing desperately that I was somewhere else?
The answer to that is no. 
Do I want to be wasting my precious energy on people and places that do not serve me?
The answer to that is no 
What I do want to do with my precious time here on earth is love as deeply as I can. 
I aim to accept all of who I am
I aim to revel in all of the beauty that this life offers to me.
I aim to connect daily to that deeper essence within so that fear may be a stranger in my heart and my life.
I aim to be joyful in all that I am and all that I do.
I seek the stillness in the world around me, a realm beyond the chaos.
I seek to express what arises within me.
I seek to let go of what my mind would have me hold strongly.
I seek the essence within you that is the same essence within me. 
May you live your life to the fullest and know that even if you don’t, that’s still ok. 
You have an eternity to do all that you wish to do, so go easy on yourself. 
Big Love 

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