Perfect what is this?
Do you know what it feels like?
Do you know what it looks like?
I certainly don’t but there is a part of me that continues at times to strive to be this idealist perception of perfection.

I often wonder when we look at people and perceive them as being perfect what is really going on in their heads.

Is where they are at good enough for them, do they see themselves as being the ideal perfect or are they continuously striving for something more.

Are they fulfilled, are they happy are they healthy?

What I have noticed in doing this work and putting yourself “out there” is that you become very reliant on the number of likes and comments to determine your own self worth.

Then when you don’t get the amount of interaction that you perhaps thought you should have you then go into why wasn’t that good enough, was the message not right, did it not make sense blah blah blah.

Your whole self worth becomes dependant on the opinions of everything outside of yourself and nothing to do with your own internal knowing and intelligence.

Crazy right but how many of you actually do this in different areas of your life?
Do you seek outside of yourself for approval, validation and worth?

These are all stories of the ego mind to continue to keep you small but it is so common in so many of us.

We look at others peoples perfect lives and compare our own and often come up wanting and not feeling good enough.
We look at pictures that are posed, cropped, filtered, and probably the one photo out of 100 that were taken and compare ourselves.

We learn and strive for more and more knowledge never becoming the teacher because we need to do one more courses in order to be good enough to speak the language of the Universe that is running though our veins.

We need to have more life experience or even god forbid we need to go through more suffering in order to be able to share our story with others.

We fall into the trap of,
If I just have this certificate and that degree then I will be worthy of and good enough to put my truth out there.

Perhaps with all of those “things’ those certificate and degrees people wont judge me and be cruel to me for putting my words out into the world.
If I have all of these learnings and teachings then I will be respected and taken seriously.

All of these things will one day make me smart enough and safe enough to be seen by the world.

I love this from Brene Brown and I hope that It serves you as well as it has served me.
We are our own biggest and harshest critic we all know that but when it comes to the critics outside of ourselves this is what she says.

“Unless they to are in the Arena with me, sharing their creativity, sharing their truth and stepping up in the world, then I am not interested in what they have to say”

How powerful and liberating is that!

We are only limited by the beliefs that we have about ourselves, we are only limited by the judgements that we make about ourselves and we are only help back and play small due to the belief that we are not worthy of anything else.

Why is it that we spend so much time trying to be someone else, there is no one else that can be you, the gift of who you are is unique only to you.

This is what I know to be true from the eyes of Source/Universe/Angles/Gaia and any other deity or Element that you connect to.

We are all exactly perfect in the eyes of Source just the way that you are right here right now.

Source looks at you and sees the magnificent beauty that you are.

Source looks at you in the body that you are in and feels that you are the most perfect example of its creation.

Source looks at you and see only the brightness of the light that you are.

Source sees you as being more than enough because the Divine created you in its essence, in tis love and in its image therefore the the Divine can only know the perfection of you.

You already are FKN perfect exactly as you are.

Spend time being you instead of trying to be somebody else’s version.

You were born to bring contrast, newness and individuality into this life.

Look yourself in the Mirror today and say thank you to the Spirit within you that is having the best time creating life through you.


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