Saying “YES” to you is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself

I often tell people that I am a recovering people pleaser.

I say recovering because it is an aspect of myself that is completely ingrained in my Psyche.

A desire to help others, to make others feel good, to love those who don’t know how to love themselves, to love others as they are, and I feel deep compassion for all whom I meet, love and work with.

I have a deep desire for others to be happy, to find happiness within themselves and in their lives.

This has often in my life led me to say YES to people, places, and situations over and over again, even when I didn’t really want to.

The thought of upsetting another person or letting someone down was not worth the anxiety it would cause to say no, so I would just say yes.

So much of my personal healing journey has been to learn to say no with love.

To have healthy boundaries with time and energy.

The most important lesson however that I have learned is to say yes to me first.

Discovering that one of my primary Archetypes is the Advocate Rescuer has further helped me in being able to embody this in all areas of my life.

She is all about helping others, she is kind, generous, supportive and has a huge compassionate heart.

She embodies the energy of the Goddess Kwan-Yin and she has been one of my greatest teachers.
I have come to love this big-hearted compassionate archetype.

When you love, support, advocate for and say yes to yourself first, you become a love-filled cup that is overflowing with more than enough for all that you choose to share with.



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