You are a Magical Bad Ass

Your cells are made up of star dust

You are a daughter of the Galaxy

You just know shit

You have a built in bullshit meter

You say it and it happens

When you focus your attention on what you want the world goes out of its way to accommodate you

You have transformed your pain into your greatest healing superpower

You understand the power of ritual, connection, energy and know how to harness this in ways that supports your highest good

You talk to the animals and nature as though they are your long-lost friends

You can and do reach deep within you and tap into the infinite resource of wisdom, strength, and love that you know is always there for you

You can turn the darkest moment into the brightest star

Your glass is always half full

You see the beauty in every soul you meet and shine a light on it for them to see

You tune into the Divine and allow her healing light to flow through you

You always land on your feet

You trust your inner guidance to always lead you to the right people, places, and situations

You celebrate joyfully the good fortune of others

People are drawn to your shining light like moths to the flame

You give others hope when they have lost their own

No matter what the darkness you always find the light

Know it, own it, live it



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