Start 2021 with a Fresh Commitment to Meditating Daily

There are many misconceptions out there around meditation.
Meditation does not require that you be sitting in a cave sitting in the lotus position.
Meditation doesn’t mean that you no longer think or float endlessly within the infinite blackness of space of no thought – this, of course, is true for the monks who spend 12 hours a day for years to achieve this state. 

For the rest of us though, it is a state that we can experience, albeit fleetingly, I have achieved this state, however the moment I became aware of it, I was no longer in it.

Meditation takes many forms and can occur spontaneously.
It is a state of acute awareness and presence.

Have you ever experienced a moment of awe?
A moment of witnessing such beauty that it took your breath away?
A moment where time felt as though it stood still?

In those moments, all thought ceases, and you become one with the experience.
At that moment, you become fully present.

There is too much scientific research to ignore the fact that a regular meditation practice improves your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

We are moving into an age where heart centredness, compassion and unity are words and intentions that are becoming ingrained in our everyday language.

2020 has been an opportunity for us to reconnect with our hearts wisdom and intelligence, a time to get out of our heads and tune in to the needs of your soul.

As we move into 2021, we are being guided to live from that heart centred space, this means, making decisions that are in alignment with your heart, your values, and your integrity.

Meditation has taught me the importance of this, not only does it improve your emotional and physical wellbeing it also provides you with the space to tune into the intuitive guidance of your heart.

The way to integrate a new habit or daily ritual and have it ingrained into your subconscious is to do something for a minimum of 30 days.

I also believe that to know yourself on a deeper level it requires nurturing a healthy relationship.
If you want to get to know someone, you take time out of your schedule to meet with them, you have regular conversations with them and you ask questions.

This practice has provided me with a greater sense of self, increased intuition, and emotional wellbeing.

My invitation to you is to follow the below steps each day, the subconscious mind loves repetition, and repetition is conducive to lasting change.

Create a sacred space

Choose a place to meditate each day
Light your favourite candle
Play relaxing music

Daily Practise
Sitting or resting comfortably

  1. Place your hand gently on your heart centre – this activates your heart chakra
  2. Focus your attention on the sounds that you can hear around you, observe these sounds with a gentle curiosity, no need to label, just observe
  3. Are there any aromas that you can you smell? 
  4. How does the temperature of the air feel around you, is it cool or warm?
  5. Notice the sensation of the fabric of your clothing against your skin
  6. Gently shift your attention to the sensation of your feet resting on the ground
  7. Feel the weight of your body where you rest 
  8. Place your full attention and awareness to the top of your head  
  9. Slowly begin moving your awareness from the top of your head all the way down through your body to the tips of your toes, and then move it back up again through your body and place your full attention at your heart centre.  
  10. Feel the gentle rise and fall of your chest beneath your hand with each breath that you take for the count of 10 breaths  
  11. Drop your awareness fully into your heart centre and settle your attention here 
  12. Allow to arise within your hearts awareness the essence or knowing of someone, something, or someplace that you feel deep gratitude for, allow this sense of gratitude to fill your whole heart, your whole body, as your heart expands in gratitude notice how this feels   
  13. Stay with this feeling for a minimum of 5 minutes and increase by 5 minutes each week
  14. With your attention focused on your heart centre, ask “what does my heart want me to know today?”
  15. Take some time to write in your journal all that came up for you.

Doing this exercise daily will provide you with clarity and insight into the needs of your heart, your mind, and your soul.

I have observed so many women who have sat my meditation classes over the years naturally increase their intuition, confidence, and emotional wellbeing through regular meditation.

May you be well
May you be peace
May you be love
May you be free from pain and suffering
May you awaken to the light of your true nature

In love and gratitude

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