The #inspirerbeliever Rut

You have all seen and heard me talking about The Thrive Factor Archetypes.

One of my four Archetypes is the Inspirer Believer and she is my energetic powerhouse.

It is her energy and qualities that inspires the quotes that I create and the one that gets super excited about sharing all that lights me up and loves to support and cheer others on.

It is her influence that allows me to see the good in others and humanity.

She is my creative muse and the reason I so much love to motivate and inspire others.

She is also the one that can quickly lose her mojo and fall into an energetic rut.

With all that has been happening in the world and feeling all of the feels not only for myself but also everyone else’s, the rut and feelings of “meh” have been real.

It’s been heavy, there have been tears and I have had moments of asking “what’s the point.”

Just last week I said to my Thrive Factor Mentor Shannon Dunn “That’s it I’m done, I’m tapping out.”

Which of course is classic Inspirer Believer speak when she has lost her excitement, mojo and inspiration.

I know I’m not the only one.
It has been a common conversation with many of my fellow Inspirer Believer Soul sisters.

Feeling exhausted and completely drained of energy has been the roller coaster of my personal journey throughout ALL of this.

I have swung from wanting to show up, to support and be a guiding light that supports others to sitting on the couch Netflixing and having no motivation or inspiration to do anything.

I have learned to listen to my energetic needs and to take action when feeling energetically inspired and to rest and go within when I’m not.

I have taken time to reflect on ALL that I have achieved and created.

I have taken time to sit and tap into my creativity.

I have been connecting each day to my spiritual team and collective universal consciousness

I have connected daily through meditation to my heart and the Divine has been incredibly powerful in supporting my energy.

Celebrating my strengths and gifts each day has helped to re inspire me.

Listening to inspiring podcasts has also helped to balance and reinvigorate my energy.

A healthy dose of sunshine while it was out also served to lift my energy and raise my spirits.

Remembering that anything is possible has also lifted my soul.

Recognising that it is essential to take care of yourself and your energetic needs will support you in taking care of those you love.

Share what inspires you with others

Listen to the needs of your body and commit to taking the steps necessary to fulfil those needs.

Be inspired by who you are, the difference you make and all that you have achieved thus far.

Trust your intuition she speaks loudly to you.

Ask yourself this today…

What are some of my favourite quotes, sayings, memes and motivations and how can I use them to add more positive energy into my life?


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