An Awakened Woman

An Awakened Woman

Knows when it’s time for more self care
She understands her needs and know how to meet them
She sees the value in saying yes to herself
She knows how and when to fill her cup
She says no without fear of rejection

She recognises her potential challenges as they show up and takes action to harness her innate wisdom and strengths to support herself through the tough moments.

She knows herself, what makes her tick, what her unique qualities are and embraces all of who she is.

She is clear on what she wants to do and uses her magic to create and manifest.

She has travelled through the darkness and dug deep into her soul to rise up.

She knows how to advocate for herself in empowered ways.

She sees the light within herself as well as others.

She feels comfortable in her own skin.

She speaks her truth with compassion and authenticity.

She trusts her intuition and wisdom.

She knows she has all she needs within her to create the life she desires.

She has a deep sense of self worth and knows she is worthy of receiving all she asks for.

She loves to empower and support others and does so with joy.

She listens to the voice of her heart.

She knows she has so much value to offer the world.

Are you ready to become an Awakened woman?

My Awaken Program can support you in becoming an Awakened Woman.

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