The Universe is seeking you to be its voice

You know every time that I think to sit down and write a blog I am immediately filled with thoughts of I don’t have anything to say and have no idea what to talk about.
Yet sit me down in front of a group of people and you would be hard pressed to shut me up because ideas and information spews forth from me like an erupting volcano.
In those moments it is easy for me because I am being of service to others and I am fully connected to the group energy and the energy of the Universe.
So I always trust that the exact right words, ideas and information that is for the highest good of the group will always come to me.
I guess in a way this is really no different as I am still working to the group energy of whomever shall read this, but it is still so much easier when you are in front of someone.
I find this to be a common belief by many people, they believe that they have nothing to say or what they do want to say will not be valued or heard by others.
It is only when our thinking mind gets in the way that we find ourselves completely mute or stuck. 
Then there is the magical moment when the Universe steps in and works through you at the perfect moment without you even having to think about it. 
I am sure that you have had plenty of moments yourself when someone has come to you with something and you have found yourself saying words to them and then afterwards you were like “wow where did that come from?”
To me it feels like this… I see the Universe as a constant source of energy that is always seeking an output, a plug so to speak.
You are the plug and when the current aligns the energy of the Universe flows through you giving way for it to express itself in the perfect way at the perfect time.
Whenever I am faced with an opportunity to be of service to someone else, where once I would have gotten in my head about OMG what is the right thing to do or say here, I instantly send a thought to the Universe “What would you have me say” or “Give me the right words” or a very simple “help”.
The key here is to then trust, be open to the feelings and thoughts that arise within you or come to you from outside of yourself and then take a breath or two and then let it come from your heart.
When words are spoken from the heart, they come from a place of pure love.
When your intention is to be of service to another or to ease another’s suffering there is a deep resounding truth that resonates through your words and touches the heart of the other on a deep soul level.
Fear is not an option here, faith that you are divinely guided in all situations will rise you above all of your doubts and self judgments and instantly place you into full alignment literally with Divine intervention.
So if it is your intention to be of service in what ever way serves your highest good, then surrendering to the love of the Universe will always guide you true.
You will know in your heart if this has occurred as it is usually common that afterwards you can’t really remember what you said.  In the moments that those words are flowing from you there is a sense within you of a profound experience occurring.
Allowing the Universe to use you as its conductor of energy feels amazing, your heart expands, you feel safe, and you know on some deep level within you that it is not from you that the words are coming from, it feels natural, it flows easily and it is full of love.
So the next time that you find yourself in a conversation with someone which by the way is never random. 
Trust that this has been beautifully manoeuvred by the energy of the Universe and in this moment it has chosen to plug into you so that its loving wisdom can flow through you to the person in need of its message.

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