Be the Caterpillar

When you are constantly on the move, always focusing your attention on the next best thing you can miss out on the chance to fully embody all of the brilliant transformations that are going on within you.

We come from a generation of quick fixes, overachieving, and setting the next goal.
All of which creates a constant desire to have more and to be more.

This insistent desire to keep moving forward, maintaining momentum, and constantly reaching for something greater, can lead to exhaustion and burn out.

Your inspirational ideas to continue to grow and create becomes addictive. 
So much so that you can potentially trigger your nervous system to switch into overdrive. 
Always feeling as though you need to be “on” can turn into resentment, believing as though everyone wants something from you, and spiral you into negative self judgement.

While it is great and healthy when balanced to be looking at ways that you can improve on who you are, it can become redundant if you never allow yourself to rest and fully appreciate where you have come from and all that you have achieved thus far. 

When was the last time that you took the time to review all that you have accomplished in your life?

Moments in your life when you had to dig deep and tap into your inner strength and resilience to work through unexpected events that popped up.

Events such as deciding to make a career change.
What events led to this decision?
Perhaps it was recognising that the organisation that you worked for was no longer in alignment with your values. 
A relationship where you knew long before you made your decision was no longer healthy or right for you.
Acknowledging the way you were living your life needed to change to positively support your health and wellbeing.

We think that these decisions are made in an instant, but they are not.
They are made based on years of intuitive nudges from your heart that something is out of balance.

Having the courage to take the next step, whatever that may have been for you is huge.
It requires a level of self love realisation.

Realising that you are worthy of a loving relationship, setting healthy boundaries, working in an environment that supports your strengths, and choosing wellbeing in mind and body comes from a place of love for all that you are.

These are monumental choices and decisions that have changed the course of your life and they deserve to be recognised.

Everything in your life that you have gone through has been transforming you into the version of you that you are today.

This in no way implies that the journey has been an easy one.
For some of you, these moments would have been preceded by great pain and suffering.
For some of you, these moments will have been filled with a great sense of freedom and achievement.

Whichever one it is for you, looking forward to “what’s next” may have been your go-to.

This has certainly been true for me in my life.
Looking for what I could focus my attention on was a way for me to ensure that I kept moving forward, a little like outrunning the past or trying to do better than the last great thing.

One of the learnings for me over these last few months has been to be ok with standing still.

Not being able to plan for the future has opened the door for being even more present.

This moment in time has forced us to all stand still and provided us with the unique opportunity to reflect on what is and on what has been.

We can choose to live this time in fear or we can choose to see it as an opportunity to reflect on where we have come from, a time to reassess what matters most to us, a time of rest, a time to fully embrace and embody all that has led us to where we are right now.

We are all caterpillars right now cocooned within a chrysalis.
We all have the opportunity now to shed our layers so that we may transform into the butterfly.

So take this time to honour how much you have grown in your life.
To recognise the strength, courage, and resilience that you have.
Let where you are right now, be enough for you and take the time to nurture yourself.

It is in giving yourself this time, all that you have done up until now can fully integrate into your being.

You may not think that what you have done isn’t much, and I am here to tell you that it is nothing short of miraculous.

Be the Caterpillar so that when the time comes to spread those wings and fly you will be more than ready.



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