What is grace, how do you know you are in the presence of it or how do you know that you have it already within you.
Grace comes from when you fully surrender yourself to a power greater than yourself, if that is your Source, Your God, The Universe, Mother Earth, Divinity, Spirit, All That Is, Higher Consciousness or Divine Intelligence.
It is whatever the name is that you use to describe your Higher Power.

Grace is that feeling of energy that is otherworldly that flows through you when you feel compelled to do something for another human being.

That moment that your mental mind gets out of the way and you just take the action as it is flowed through you.
That could be helping another person in a time of crisis, helping someone cross the road, seeing someone in trouble and going to their aid, giving a friend a call right at the moment that they perhaps believe that no one in the world cared about them.

The list of these inspirations can be endless and I am sure that you yourself have felt this inspired action on many occasions and have sat back in wonder afterwards thinking “Wow that was the most amazing sense of fulfilment that I have ever experienced and what if I hadn’t listened”

I once heard a story of a person who was inspired to stop and say hello to a person who was standing on their own on a street corner, no biggie nothing huge they just smiled at this person and said hello. What this person later came to know was that the person that they were inspired to engage with was actually planning on taking their own life that very day.

This one small and seemingly insignificant action literally saved a persons life.

Now imagine if the person delivering this incredible gift had gone into the ego mind of overthinking and overanalysing and did the whole – they will think I’m crazy or they may react negatively.

This person did not do that, they simply followed the feeling and the intense urge that flowed through them to take the action.
This is Grace

Being inspired to reach out and touch someone just randomly as you speak to them could be the only human contact that they may have had in a very long time.
This is Grace

Reaching out to help another with the lessons that you have learned without expecting anything in return.
This is Grace

Surrendering to your Higher Power when you have gotten caught up in the Being, Doing and Having of life and it is no longer helping you to move forward.
This is Grace

Acknowledging that you can no longer “do this” from your own power and asking your Higher Power to please show you the way, to take this burden from you, to show you how to clearly see a situation.
This is Grace

The act of being on your knees in surrender to your Higher Power and asking this power to flow through you so that you may be of service to others as well as yourself.
This is Grace

Accepting where you are right now and surrendering to this moment that you cannot change or control.
This is Grace

Grace is getting out of the way and allowing the Divine to flow through you.


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