Stillness within

Stillness within

There is a space within you that is similar to being the eye of the storm but not the storm.

This is what I have come to know and understand through my regular meditation practice.
There is a space deep within you where no harm can come to you.

It is a space where life in all it’s craziness and chaos can go on around you.

Its the space where it is filled with compassion for the person that you are.

It is a space in which only love resides.

It is a space filled with a benevolent force that knows every aspect of who you are, it sees into the very heart of your Soul.

From deep within this space comes the unwavering knowing that somehow everything is going to be ok.

It is a place deep within the ocean where there is only silence as the waves roll and crash above.

From within the deepest crevices of your Being is the essence of who you truly are.

The essence of you that was here long before you arrived in this physical form and will remain long after your physical form leaves this physical world.

The essence of you that is connected to the Infinite intelligence of the Universe.
The essence of you that knows only love is real.

The essence of you that understands that fear is the greatest illusion that we as human beings are hear to learn and understand.

The essence of you that still remembers that there is no separation and that you are and always will be as one with the supermen consciousness of the Universe.

When you turn your attention inward, when you allow the thoughts of your mind to be like the leaves on the wind, from where you can watch with quiet curiosity as they move past you in your field of awareness and not feel the persistent desire to reach out and grab hold of them.

When you can drop deep into the ocean beneath the thoughts that are like the crashing waves on the surface you will find that still place within you that can withstand any storm.

Begin your journey inward today, start each morning with your hand on your Heart Centre.

Follow your breath all the way into your body and all the way out of your body, do this for several minutes.

Feel deeply into your heart centre and bring to your mind all that you are grateful for.
Notice the sensations as they arise within your body, notice the energy as it begins to move within your body.

Allow yourself to completely fall into these sensations as they arise to meet you from deep within your awareness.


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