Teachers don’t teach by preaching

Teachers don’t teach by preaching, they teach by being a living example of what they have learned.

I have always believed in this concept so strongly.

At our core we are all energetic beings and we have an inbuilt bullshit meter that will fly off the Richter Scale when coming into close proximity of it.

You know those people, the ones that go on and on about all the super awesome “stuff” that they know or are doing and yet you can feel and hear the lie beneath the words.

And this by no way means that they don’t know “stuff”, you just aren’t going to place any value on it or in them because you know deep down that they aren’t walking their talk.

I find this particularly frustrating, as an Empath all of my life and a highly intuitive person I have always been able to tell when someone has been bullshitting me, what was most annoying though was that there was never really any way of proving this as there was no “evidence” to support such a feeling, it was just undeniably there.

Again as energetic Beings, and we are this because “EVERYTHING” in the Universe is energy, we process not only the tone of someones voice, we process the emotions that they are feeling, we process the thoughts that are twirling around their head, we process every nano muscle movement that occurs, we are creatures of constant data processing.

So even if you can’t quite put your finger on it, or if you just get a weird vibe, a gut feeling or as I used to say “My spidey senses are tingling” then on some level you are “Getting” that the person that you are watching, listening to or interacting with isn’t really all that they are saying that they are.

I have come across this so much in my life and in all honesty it has been by biggest “pet hate” strong words I know all of my life.

Once upon a time the quickest way for me to lose respect for someone or to be able to just completely cut a tie with someone is when they don’t behave in the way in which they are saying everyone else should, or OMG even worse when they are judging others for how they are behaving and then they go and do exactly that behaviour.

Today I still walk away because this is not the environment in which I want to live in, the difference being that I can be more forgiving and understanding that we are all doing the best that we can with what we have.

As a person who has had several positions of authority in my previous working environments it was a huge part of my integrity that I would not ask of someone what I was not prepared to do or could not do myself.

I felt that it was incredibly important that I myself had either previously achieved what was expected or could still pull my sleeves up and get in there and do it myself.
I have always felt that it is important to be who you say you are, to come from a place of honesty and integrity and if you can’t do it own it and if you can then do it.

So for me if you can walk your talk then don’t talk it, if you can’t own your shit then don’t expect others to, if you can’t be the change that you want to see in the world then stop expecting the world around you to change and if you can’t do the work that you ask others to do then don’t suggest the work.

  • I am a constant evolving work in progress.
  • I meditate religiously morning and night.
  • I lose my shit occasionally and then I go within to figure out what on earth is going on and what it is that I need to do about it.
  • I journal often – not everyday but at least once a week.
  • I put foods in my body that promote wellbeing. 
  • I exercise most days. 
  • I seek external beautiful practitioners for regular healing as well as giving myself healing every night when going to bed.
  • I talk to my team in Spirit everyday. 
  • I express gratitude for all that I am and all that is in my life everyday. 
  • I focus on happiness, love, acceptance and joy as often as I can throughout my day.

So instead of my focus being on how I can teach others, my focus instead is on living all of the above so that when someone comes to me for guidance or healing or help I can offer them solutions based on practices and learnings that I use in my everyday life.

I do not ask any of my clients to do anything that I have not already done or regularly do myself.

So if you are expecting the people around you to change based on what you are perhaps advising them to do and you aren’t actually doing it yourself, they will energetically pick up on this and most likely not do what it is that they really could do to help themselves because the truth of the results will not exist within you.

Live your truth, breathe your truth, sleep your truth and be your truth and others will benefit 100% because of the commitment that you have made to yourself first


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