The Power of Appreciating Nature

I find it interesting that we are often given the intuitive nudge to be somewhere or to do something that our bodies and our hearts need. 
I have really been feeling the pull lately to get out in nature and be by the water and I am so blessed that I am lucky enough to live by the sea. 
So I followed this pull and went for a walk along the beach.
I felt deep in my heart that this was a time that I needed to move my body and an opportunity to fully appreciate Mother Earth in all her beauty.
Whenever I am by the sea or out in nature it allows my heart to open and my consciousness to expand.
Lets talk about the power of appreciating nature. 
It is in my appreciating of the beauty around me that I find myself more in alignment with the Divine.  
In these moments it feels as though my crown chakra opens and the stream of Divine love and insight pours into every fibre of my Being. 
I am constantly in awe of the ocean, the power of the waves, the beauty of the contrasting colours, the clouds in the sky and the feel of the sand/earth beneath my feet.
As I am walking along with the energy of the divine flowing through me and gazing at all of the beauty that the Great Mother has to offer me that I let go of all resistance, all worry, all concerns and plans for the future and just allow myself to be fully present in this moment. 
As I walk I thank our great Mother for her support and grounding beneath my feet, I thank her for the salt air that touches my skin and moves into my body through my breath, I thank her for the contrasting of the darkness of the clouds and the light of the sun, I thank her for the sound of her constant ebb and flow of the waves, I thank her for the gift of the life all around me and I allow my awareness to shift to that of the Divine and that of the Great Mother simultaneously.
Sometimes I feel so small as I stand here held within the arms of the Divine and that of the Mother Earth.  
I feel tiny and minuscule in their presence for I am just a spec of life on this giant planet orbiting throughout an incomprehensible vastness of this mighty cosmos. 
In my sense of feeling small I have often wondered in my life does the Divine see me, hear me or even know that I exist. 
In all of the life that must exist throughout the Universe how could the Divine even possibly be aware of me, this tiny spec that compared to the universe would not even amount to the smallest molecule. 
What I have discovered is YES the Divine not only knows me intimately, it knows exactly where I am in any given moment, it knows what I am feeling and it knows where I have been and where I am going to. 
How do I know this? 
I know this because in the moments that I appreciate the beauty of this life I am instantly transmitting an invitation signal for the Divine to join in this experience with me.
The most profound and uplifting experiences of Divine connection have occurred within me through a state of appreciation and wonder. 
We seek so continuously a way to enlightenment, through study, reading, gurus and so much more.  Always searching always seeking. 
Yet all you need do is appreciate the natural beauty of this life and it will come open armed to you.
There can be no thought of yesterday, today or tomorrow when you appreciate the magical wonder of this life. 
As I sit appreciating the wonder of our Great Mother she responds with the changing colour of the waters, the sun shining through a gap in the clouds and birds singing acknowledging my love and returning it to me.
As I sit with the love of the Divine flowing through me and the love of Mother Earth beneath me I am in that moment held as a child of both. 
It is here that I know in my heart that the Divine does indeed know that I am here and I no longer feel so small.

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