The Secret to Unlocking your Unique Talents could lie in your Childhood

I have been journalling the last few weeks how grateful I am to be in a position in my life to be teaching and sharing all that I have learned in my life. 

I absolutely adore teaching Ascension Reiki and awakening the healer within. 

I love with all of my heart teaching and sharing the gift of meditation and it lights me up on so many levels to share to others my Spiritual journey and insights.

So as I was journalling all of these wonderful gratitudes last night and reaffirming my love of teaching a memory from my childhood came into my mind.

My parents were given an old wooden school desk.  

It was one of those ones that had a steel frame, had a timber seat with timber lids that lifted up and it comfortably sat two people. 

I loved this old desk and as the oldest of 5 kids I had ready made students at the whim.

The memory was of me making my sister and my brother sit at this desk out in the back yard while I would be standing out in front with a wooden ruler in hand pretending to be a teacher.

Much to their disgust I might add, but I loved the feeling of pretending to be a teacher.

Another memory has just come to mind as I am writing this.

A memory of my sister and I making chocolate cakes. (we loved chocolate cake)

I would be making the cakes, but as I was making them I would pretend that I was on TV and I would explain each step of the process as though teaching someone how to make a cake.

Admittedly most of the batter would be eaten before the cake even made it into the oven so our cake would only be a few centimetres high. lol

Interestingly though, as much as I loved to pretend to be a teacher I hated school.

I struggled to understand what was being taught to me and I always felt that I was dumb compared to all of the other kids around me.

School to me was a scary place, the teachers scared me – back then they yelled a lot and readily handed out physical discipline and no one really seemed to take the time to explain or break down things for me in a way that would make sense.

So learning and school became a place of constant stress and anxiety. Learning was not fun in any way for me.

What I can see now is that this inspired within me a deep desire and need to ensure that whenever I was speaking with someone or in a situation that required me to pass on information, that this was done in a way that could be easily understood.

I became adapt at reading whether or not what I was conveying was being received fully.

So whenever I picked up that it wasn’t making sense to the other I changed my language and my delivery patiently until they got it.

What was also revealed to me in my journalling was the thread and remembrance that in every job that I have ever had there also arose in each one an opportunity for me to train, teach or support staff.

These opportunities just seemed to be natural progressions for me.

I was blessed to have an amazing Team Leader in one of my jobs that saw a potential in me that I hadn’t acknowledged.

I have always loved helping people and was always ready to share information and help out my fellow team members whenever they needed assistance.

It was this quality that she saw in me that prompted her to encouraged me to apply to become a trainer.

It was more than encouraging really, she actually hassled me every day for my application until I finally overcame my fear and gave in.

This led to an opportunity to train a new intake of staff, 6 weeks of intense training followed by ongoing support.

I won’t lie, I actually said no, I came up with all of the reasons why I couldn’t or why I wasn’t ready but she didn’t give up.  Eventually thanks to her persistence I agreed to take the opportunity.

I am so very grateful for her persistence and her belief in me as it was through this opportunity that I discovered my love and passion of training.

I can see now that my negative experiences at school awakened within me the desire to learn how to teach in a way that meets the needs of everyones learning styles.

To communicate and teach from a place of respect, patience and understanding.

I cannot believe that it has taken until now for me to see this consistent thread throughout my life.

I have finally fulfilled my childhood role playing of being a teacher and have come full circle.

My greatest joy in my life right now is teaching, it lights up my Soul and it makes my Heart sing.

I truly believe that we come into this life already complete with our own unique gifts and talents.

What were your childhood dreams, role-playing and imaginings?

Can you also see a thread of this playing out throughout your life?

This is where the magic lies my friends, it is in your childhood that the secret of your unique talents could be waiting for you to uncover, acknowledge and embrace.

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